Monday, July 07, 2008

.. Happy Family Day '08..

For the first time, Spansion KL Sdn Bhd will shut down the plan, means no one will work, no one will call us for daily support, and most importantly no one will call me in the middle of the night to settle production issue.. *Happy*

It's Spansion 2008 Family Day, at The Mines Wonderland. All of the staffs and employees are invited to be part of the event. You must be wondering why i'm there, because i hope to be the lucky one to win the grand prize, "Samsung Home Theater". Hahahah! However, not that lucky...too bad... Try my luck again next year..

I was "invited" by Hui Juin, one of the Family Day's commitee to spend a night at hotel nearby. So we went there early, a night earlier and checked-in to Mine Hotel which was located nearby to The Mines Wonderland. The hotel only cost Spansion RM55 a night (for twin sharing), so as the price explained, the room was so small. But however, luckily it has a private toilet.

As part of the commitee, Hui Juin and I need to be at Prosperity Garden (located inside The Mines Wonderland) at 6:30am. Fuhh~~ That was early..We need to wake up at 5:30am to get ready. I did help them to pack the presents, transport the presents, walk here and walk there. *Ke-Po abit*.

Meal for breakfast and lunch was provided, so we do not need to worry about food. There were so many activities on that day, Tele-Match Games (for kids and adult), Aerobics, Lucky Draw, Face Painting, Balloon-Giving, Ice World visiting, etc etc.. I enjoyed but quite a tiring day.. What a pity was i went back around 4:00pm,so do not have the chances to watch the Sarawak-show and the light-show which only started at night.

The stage backdrop

Mine Hotel

"Giant" Balloon for kids

Aerobics - with our Managing Director (MD) on the stage *The one with blue-shirt*

We got our balloon too...(Wink* Wink*)

Breakfast & Lunch provided

Me with the Banner and the maskot..

It's time for photo-shooting..Say Cheeseeeeee~~

Me, with the Balloooon -Man...


  1. So nice to have family day hor, everything sponsored somemore so fun.. I wonder when will I have my company's family day..

  2. Yung : Hmmmmm, its quite tiring, as you will need to hang out there for the whole day! You will have ur chances someday!