Monday, July 21, 2008

:.. Restaurant Pan Mee ..:

We (my colleagues and I) went and have our dinner at one of local restaurant, which was located at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, very very nearby to McDonald. This restaurant is famous for their varieties in preparing pan mee. Dry, Soup, Hokkien style, Loh Style, and much more. It was strongly recommended by Siew Ping, a collegue of mine in Spansion.

So we left office at 6:00pm and reach there around 6:15pm. We flipped through the menu, and i decided to taste the original style of pan mee cooks, Pan Mee Soup. At the same time, the rest ordered others such as Hokkien-style Pan Mee,Kari Pan Mee, and Loh Pan Mee.

Talking about the price, not too expensive as the average price ranges from RM5.00 to RM7.00 per bowl. Mine is at RM5.00. I'm not satisfied with the volume of pan mee they gave, as it was so little (maybe because of the big bowl) if to compare to others. Not fair!!! Hehehehhe! But will give it a try for other type of pan mee next time.

Pan Mee Soup-Original Taste..

Kong Kah Wai, a colleague of mine chip in RM30.00 for the meal. There are 5 of us, each of us ordered a type of mee, and a cup of drink. The total cost us RM45.00++, and each of us just need to pay RM5 for the meal upon the chip in from Kah Wai. Hahahha! For your information, Kah Wai is a GUY! *wink*wink*

RM30.00 chip in!!RM10...RM20....RM30..

Hmmmm..Yummy..She finished all!


  1. outside look pretty hot..early dinner or is it lunch?

  2. Hmmm..Lunch and early dinner.. :p

    The soup not that tasty (they said), you should try the Kari-Pan-Mee..Looks lagi delicious! But too bad, i don't like Kari..

  3. Do you intend to let May look at this post?? Hahaha... She might kill you for posting her pic!

  4. Hahahah~~ She will?? Hmmmm.....Arrrr....Worst to worst, pay her copyright fees lo... :)