Thursday, February 28, 2008

.. Tired..

Fuhh! Fresh! After took my bath after coming back from work at 11pm..
Our MD, has invited us for a celebration dinner at Crocodile Farm, Subang..
Reach at 730pm, and the dishes starting to be served..
Begin with the soup (sirip-yu alike, but not sirip yu) <----Taste damn salty...
Proceed with the roasted chicken <-----Taste very salty too....
Then, served with the fried prawn, the size quite big but ... <------Taste salty again....
Next, we are served with sweet & sour fried fish ... <------Taste not bad, but very little amount of meat that can be eat.
Then, with our next dish which is fried sotong (fried AGAIN!) <-----Taste semacam!
Next, served with FRIED TAUHU! OMG! Nothing else is it? <--------I did not eat even one piece! So do not know the taste!
Last dish, curry vegetables (Kangkung + Terung) <------Taste salty too!!!!

I tell you, this restaurant must bought alot of AJINOMOTO or salt, since all of the dishes also DAMN salty! Anyhow, enjoyed the time having dinner with collegues...Chatting and laughing all the way! But too bad, need to continue to work after the dinner...End up work until 11pm, same to Hui Juin and Siew Ping! Kesian Siew Ping! Her husband even said want to bring her a pillow, so she can sleep at Spansion!

Tomorrow is the end of February! It's time to get salary 2nd month in Spansion!Yeah! I want to buy something for myself liek Mr J, to pamper myself! Hmmmm...what should i buy....Clothes?Cosmetics?High Heel shoes?Good food? Hair treatment? Manicure??? This is called spend future money! Hahhaha!

Ok, wan to sleep now! Still need to work tommorow!

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