Wednesday, February 27, 2008

:.. Confuse ..:

I'm confuse...What should i do now?
Unconsiously, i fall into the circle of confusion..
Am i doing the right thing? Am i doing the thing that i should do?
I know i shouldn't but....i'm inconsolable...
What should i do now...

It's still early for me to make the decision...
But will i make the wrong decision that will make me regret for my whole life?
Will i make the right decision? Will everybody around me support me on my decision?
Will they?

I'm still confuse....What am i thinking now? I don't know..
I'm confuse...Am i the only one who feel this? Will they have the same feeling too?
I know i'm childish to make such decision but....i can't control how i feel thus reflect on how i behave...
I can't tell anybody, i can't tell him, i can't tell no no..i can't..
Forget about it...I need a rest....i need a rest.....I'm confuse...

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