Sunday, February 24, 2008

.. Pity Bobby ..

Bobby - A dog of mine..
With a lump at his rear...And it seems to prolong around 2 weeks..or maybe longer..
I try to clean it regularly, just to hope to prevent the infection prolong, but failed to cured him,
But at last decided to bring him to see veterinarian,
At a animal clinic at Sunway..
The vet said that the "hole- that every dog owns" nearby his rear has been blocked by pus,
And need to be cleared..
So the vet gave him an injection to make him immune..
And Bobby falls into half-awake condition..
Then the vet begin to medicate him..

Make the hole clear by squezzing out the pus from the hole...
It makes my heart feel so sad, as i can see he is in pain, but no energy to give respond or fight...
So the vet pam medicine (fluid) into the hole to clear...
And all those medicine cost me RM110.00. Hmmmm....if this can cure him, and make his buttock looks nice without the lump ....Ok la, worth it...
And i get him a high-neck collar, to prevent him from licking the suggested by the vet.. Its funny to see him wearing that.. Hahaha!

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