Friday, February 22, 2008

.. Guilty .. Feel Bad..

I feel so bad..i feel so guilty,
I make someone dissapointed today...Who?
Someone who became my collegue and ex-collegue today..
As today is the last day of notice, and today is the 1st day i've been introduced to him..
He was being introduced as Mr J....................Micheal Jackson?? Ur guess...

I'm not the kind of girl who like make people dissapointed..
So make me feel guilty for not joining his farewell party..
Anyhow, wish him best of luck after leaving Spansion..

Its been 2 months i've with Spansion..
But yet to find interest in my job..
Nothing much i can handle, nothing much i should handle..
Normally ended with dissapointed feeling of doing nothing or contributing something ..
Failed to find my passion for work..

Hui Juin will leave soon, and i will be alone without my buddy around..
I want her to stay, and persuade her to stay but end up decided not to..
When considering my situation working in this company..
Again, wish her best of luck!


  1. Sigh....I'm quite disappointed that u didnt come for my farewell. But I'm happy that u sent me a msg wishing me luck, I appreciate that....I wish u the best of luck too...thanks

    Mr. J

  2. Mr J, Really nice tomeet you but its too late then...Knowing you at your last day at Spansion. Why you din come and approach me earlier? Hahaha! (tak tau malu!)

    Anyway, we still can keep in touch without Spansion as the bridge! :)

  3. I did approached u and asked ur name and contact but u told everybody not to give anyone especially me...I was so heart broken and always see the road in front getting darker and darker since then....(sigh)Then I plucked out my courage and drank more Livita so that more blood flow into my brain n heart (u know la, when ppl got nervous, their heart n brain need more blood)....I went to see u and finally we got to know each other....Hahahahaha.....