Monday, August 31, 2009

:: Yves + Michelle B'day Celebration ::

It's August, and it's Yves and Michelle Bobo's turn to enjoy their 25th years living in this world. * At last they are turning into 25 years old liao, as old as us! HAHAHAHHA -wicked laugh*.

August Birthday Gals, presenting Yves (left) and Michelle (right)

Yves who was born on 24th August while Michelle was born on 25th August (a day after Yves) had their belated birthday celebration at TGI, Sunway Pyramid with us,Vivien, Hui Juin and I, their secondary school chums. Me being the organizer for this event started to arrange and confirm their attendance the morning itself. Ya ya ya, I know..."last" company. But, at least the plan went well except Lian not being able to join us because she fall sick last minute. She need to seek for medical attention, and she had to FFK (fong fei kei = aeroplane = Missing In Action [MIA]) us at the end. So, 6 members will left with 5 of us~ Sighhhh~

Anyway, we agreed to meet up at TGI at 8:30pm for our Friday's night dinner. 5 of us starting to order to fill our HUNGRY stomach, by flipping over the menu let's say for 10 minutes. As usual, we ordered few main courses meal to be shared among us. We ordered Boneless Wings (Appetizer), Fish & Chips, Chicken & Shrimp Pasta and Chicken Cheese Fettucini (as named by Yves WTF!!). Not only that, the english-spoken bangladesh-waiter also recommending us to try a drink which cost us at RM19 per cup which he die die said "GOOD GOOD, with THUMBS UP sign". Luckily, the drink taste great WALALALALA!! with sweet and sour taste of rasberry *I think so*

Menu for the day~ Flip and flip~

Our ice lemon tea (refiilable!)

The Chicken & Shrimp Pasta , taste great! I like spaghetti!

The drink (I don't remember the name)..

Fish & Fillet

The crunchy cheesy rice

Burrrpppp!!! We finished all! Hahahahah! In 15~30 minutes! This proven how hungry we were! Burrrppp Again!

Ok, after finished our food, after we finished filling our hungry stomach, we started our event of the day! Camwhoring with the birthday gals! Our COMPULSORY event for each gathering, CAMWHORING! This time, we utilize 2 bottles of chili and tomato to put our camera so we can freely camwhore with all of us in the pictures. We are so creative isn't it? Yes, we knew we are! WTF!! Not only that, we manage to take alot of cute NG photos too!

It's great to snap down the funny and memorable moments being together so we can recall when we are old, to recall when we started to lose part of the memory in our brain (short-term memory loss). Choi choi! Touch wood! ^_^

Camwhoring Photo Group 1

Hui Juin and I

Fuyoohhh!! Mei Peng, ur so damn hot babe!!! hhehehe~

Candid photo, where they were asked to do various of pose to look smiller/thinner in the photo Ms M : Don't "kiap" your armpit! Ms E : Move your hand down! Ms V : Move little bit to the right! AAHAHAHAH!

Michelle trying to squeeze our head into the camera lens! And Yves can't find her hole to fit in!

Birthday gal, Yves (right) with Vivien (left)

Michelle and Vivi

Hui Juin and Michelle

Both of us imitating Yves's trademark!We are cute isn't?

Another photo group!

Michelle, what are you trying to do? Pressin your ehem ehem? hehehehe!

Stylish pose! Phewwww wiiittt!

There is a reason why I choose TGI for their birthday celebration. I know that TGI has this kind of tradition whereby they will join forces to throw little suprise for every birthday girl/boy by singing/yelling loudly in the restaurant to ensure everybody know who's birthday is that. They will also give the birthday boy/girl a slice of cake for them to blow while doing some challenges.

Both of them (Michelle and Yves) were asked to stand of the chair as 1st step. Secondly, they are requested to sing a song together to pass the challenge before blowing the candle. After struggling to pick the songs, they passed the challenge by singing "Barney's Happy Family Song".

Lastly, they are required to blow the lighten-candle which was placed at least 2~3 feets away from them. To ease the process, they are allowed to use straw. After struggling a while, after splashing saliva all over the waiters, they manage to blow it of. It was a funny scene, and I manage to video it down. Yeay!

What are you trying to do Yves? You seems want to force-kiss Michelle, and she's trying to show her "beh-song" face!!

Thanks TGI guys for helping us! Great night!

And courtesy of TGI, birthday cakes for them!!!

Errrrr...KHJ, peace sign ya! Hahahha!

Feeding each other! Yeahhhh!!!I want also!!

At last, the last event for the day which is presents' opening ceremony. Hui Juin and I spend sometime on the day itself to buy presents for this August Birthday gals. After a while surveying, we manage to grab *hopefully* their prefered presents which is Diamond-shining earring for Yves and big travel photo for Michelle.

There is a reason why we bought earring for Yves. It is because I remember she mentioned she need a bling-bling earring to match with her night-dress for her coming sister's wedding. While Michelle just back from travelling with her boyfriend, so we thougt she might need one to fill all of the photos as memories. See, so meaningful isn't it.. ^_^

Hopefully they like the presents and this is to show some of chums appreacitation from all us, Vivien, Lian, Hui Juin and I. Happy birthday gals! Wishing you all a prosperous new year onwards..*macam chinese new year wishes pulak! =__="*

Yves, don't like that! even though your present smaller, but doesn't mean your one cheaper! hahahaha! we are fair one ok! heheheh!

Bling bling earring for her!

Travel photo album for Michelle!

Lastly, ended our celebration with the guitars!

Michelle's turn!
Friendship forever babes!!


  1. Yeah!!!! Thank you so much for this sweet heartening arrangement for me and mich! Of course, i love the little present from you all! Really match my style :P

  2. awwww 25 years old, that seemed like centuries ago :) and friendship for thought :)

  3. eh, u got the tix for tonite ah?didnt reply sms some more..*bish!

  4. Teruterubonzu : Heheheh~ Don't mention it, it's our pleassure babe!!

    Manglish : Nola, we are not that old! wakakak! Yeap, FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!

    Taufulou : In meeting ma dude! Soli Soli~ ^_^