Monday, August 10, 2009

:: Ladies Night @ BarCelona *again* ::

Beforehand, let me share my experience in having the most FXXXXX expensive mamak-maggi goreng, and the most FXXXXX expensive roti telur and the most FXXXXX expensive “teh ais limau” that I’ve ever had in my whole life.

Yves and I have not taken our dinner, so decided to grab something to fill our stomach while waiting for others to arrive. We stopped by Steven’s Tea Garden, which is located just outside Barcelona club, being lazy to walk far for other restaurant.

I was shocked looking at the menu where all of their dishes either it’s food or beverage’s price ended with “88”, eg: RM2.88, RM4.88, RM8.88, RM12.99, RM18.88 and so on.

Proceed to survey for the price for the cheapest food we can have in mamak which is ROTI CANAI, and surprisingly it’s at the price of RM2.88 per piece. =____=”.

I proceed to order “Maggi-goreng ayam” which cost me at RM8.88 where normally we can have it at RM3.50 or RM4.00. And not to forget our luxurious drink “the ice limau” and “Ais Limau” at RM2.38 per cup.

Overall, the food was not that bad but the price abit expensive for mamak-food. Ya ya, I’m abit kiam-siap (kedekut!!) What to do…that’s why I’m still looking for a rich boyfriend/husband! Anyone rich out there who willing to take me as their girlfriend or wife? Wtf~ hahahahahh!

Us~~ Some of us~

We went to BarCelona again on last Thursday for simple night outing, as it is BarCelona’s Ladies Night. Yves’s group of friends prefers to go there because of the following:

1) Sunway is near to all of us (Siew Ping-Bukit Tinggi, Elaine-Shah Alam, Elaine/Joey/Susan/Chui Yee-Serdang) – KL is too far for us who need to work on the very next day.
2) BarCelona is giving out a free-hard liquor-bottle for ladies of 5 – only for those who reserved early
3) Convenient jockey car-park – so we do not need to walk far away to/from the club
4) Freeflow-cocktail for ladies – if hard-liquor is not your favorite

Overall, the night was OK and FUN despite on some “cheap guy” who simply “molest” by hugging Yves’s friend whole night, despite on some “cheap guy” who not willing to buy drink but to drink the hard liquor we had for the night, despite on some “cheap guy” who desperate for photo (always disturb while people snapping photos).

We really spend the night dancing on the dance (we really dance ok! ONLY dance OK! Wtf~!) because our was table located very-very near to entrance so the music was not great and loud at all! We need speakers to be put in front of us, to get the mood of dancing~ wtf~ So, we move from table-dancing to dance-floor dancing.

John, I manage to keep my “tauhu” tonight ok! Wtf~ I manage to keep my distance from guys or potential color-wolf, to enjoy my dancing all the night without being molest or potentially being called as “one night stand bitch”. again! Hahahaha! Went back at 12:30 am and dozed off at 1:00pm. ZZzzZZZzZzZZzzzZ~

Susan ~ Chui Yee and Elaine (same as mine)

Not sure what liquor is that T___T and the chocolate cocktail (taste yuckss!)

Camwhore time!!! yeee~~haaa!!

Showing "cool pose"

With the yucks again~

Group photos...we looks awesome isn't it?? heheheh~

Yves , what are you trying to show?!! You want to show your middle finger is it?!!!

Let's stick our heads together gather !!

Susan and Yves~

Camwhore with the bottle and cup wtf~ We are so )!@!# @#($%#(%

All ladies for the night!! Spot me! hhahahah~ Stupid question!!


  1. wow .... really make me envy about you, everyday also got so many activities and functions. not like me, me life is damn damn bored.

  2. Ericyoong : Everyone's life are colorful~ Maybe you not noticing it because you don't blog about it. Why not you blog about everything, I mean every single thing happen in your life from now onwards, so you will know how colorful your life is? *i'm waiting*

  3. makes me jealous only, ladies night ? you just brought back for me some old memories of clubbing and hanging out... now i just love to do it with my wife and few friends, try to cut down on beer.

    hey elaine, i went to your other site,please let me know if you do have update of the fashion, will sure buy one from you for my lovely wife, make sure you give discount,ok?

    take care now, came back from Dolly's site,

    be back

  4. Eugene : Hehehhe~ Ladies night, most of us are "ladies"...Still

    Okayyy~ No problem, will add you into the mailing list if there is any updates.. :) Thanks for dropping by anyway...

  5. clubbing and party again ah..~
    happening sial~

    ahhh..stevens corner..that's the worst branch ever!

  6. hahaha... good girl...keep the 'taufu' safely... wat liquor is tat? 42 below?
    i think it taste worst than bacardi limon..
    taste like 'foh sui'.. puiii! unless u mix wif coke or 7up..

  7. taufulou: Yes, party again~ hehehehe~ Join us next time wokaaayy??? Hmmm...The Most EXPENSIVE mamak I've ever had, man!

    John : Oh, the brand is 42 Below? What brand is that??? We mix it with 7up, taste like bitter-7up lor LOL...

  8. tat brand is only drinkable for those age 42 & below... hahahha...
    a 'foh sui' to damage all the youngster internal body organs... chi sei mei?

  9. John : ok, we are qualified but you're NOT ledi~ You re old man now! wakakakakak!! Fire-wateR? shit~ I drank the whole bottle...Im going to die soon...KAU MENG AH!! HELP!!!

  10. hey fren

    Steven Tea Garden is expensive but delicious.
    all ur order are not the famous muahhahaha, next time try nasi lemak, ayam goreng, mutton soup, longan milk

    btw, our drinks is Barcadi lemon, and the firing one is call Lamborghini