Thursday, August 06, 2009

:: Farewell @ Shogun Pyramid *again* ::

Sigh~ Another farewell party being organized to mark the leaving of him who joined Spansion for more than 2 years, 3 months ahead of me. He is Kong Kah Wai, the superman in MES team who had more than 10 years experiences in manufacturing. All users used to look for him if they face any problem, and he seems to know most of the things. That’s why I categorize him as SUPERMAN.

Oh ya recall, we had the same farewell lunch at Shogun for another colleague of us, Mariam who left us 4 months ago.

Before proceed, let me share my feeling on each farewell organized for each and every colleague of mine who announced their resignation. I felt both happy and sad for their decision to leave Spansion.

Why I’m happy?

I feel happy because we will get a chance to have farewell lunch/dinner as gathering, mainly because we can officially snake (curi tulang). We took almost 1.5 ~ 2 hours for recent farewell lunch. In other word, we “snake” for 1.5~2 hours, spending our working time eating lunch outside of Spansion. So great, isn’t?

I feel happy because they had the courage to take a step to venture for better opportunities to look for other better job, instead of staying in a company (Spansion) which is in Chapter 11 (in bankruptcy status), risking their future here.

I feel happy because I can blog about (like this) the farewell party, so I do not need to blog about nonsense thing. At least I can hit my target to update one post in a day.

Why I’m sad?

I feel sad because I will need to take over more job responsibilities since the SUPERMAN is leaving, leaving me as the most senior in the group. Can you imagine a senior with less than 2 years experiences? That proven how high our turnover is! Sighh~~

I feel sad because everybody will ask me to become the organizer for the farewell lunch/dinner. You know, sometime I am out of ideas or feel so busy and I still need to look for places to eat, still need to send out email for voting, sending out email to confirm RVSP, need to call for reservation, need to arrange the transportation, need to fork-out the money in advance to pay, and lastly become “temporary” ah long in collecting the money. Sighh~~

I feel sad because one of my colleagues is leaving, and our team member is getting lesser and lesser. He’s not my favorite colleague but the relationship still there as we had been working together for almost 2 years. And I always ask him for help, whenever I reach the “dead road”.

I feel sad because knowing he has the courage to step out of this comfort zone, to seek for more challenge or to seek for a better salary job or a better and stable company, while I still feel reluctant to accept challenges and remain in this comfort zone earning RMxxK salary per month.

Ok, finish with the confession and continue with our last Luxurious Lunch with Kah wai before
he leaving us. Shogun is having promotion now for having discount of 35% discount per head on weekday lunch. So, we grab this oppurtunity to have cheap Japanese Buffet Lunch, eat all you can!

Camwhore in BS Ang's BIG estima~ We sat at the back seat, looks spacious isn't?

With Shirreen, my new war-member. Just joined Spansion for a month plus.

Wah! Teoh so enjoying the ice-cream, laughing till cannot see eyes, only can see his BIG and WHITE teeth! Teoh, where do you get your teeth cleaning? I want to go too~ =__="

Roy (left), with Kah Wai (right), Our hero for the day.

Gay pose with BS Ang~ Damn, so geli!!! Stop it guys!!!!

Micheal with his sushi~ He eat sushi all the way~

Our friends from Planning department, Nonie (left) and Rohaida (right)

Our boss (LE) and Teoh. Teoh! You're so funny man!

YS who just gave birth and Shannon (right)

OK, our turn!

All busy chewing~Ngiammmmm~Ngiammmmm~

Ang and Shirrene~

Our mysterious group photo! Can you see who is who?? hahahah~

Better group photo! With Shogun sign board~

Errr..I think we are snapping the wall-paint instead of us in front~

Ok, that's all, and when is my turn for farewell? Anyone willing to spend me for luxurious lunch/dinner too? T___T


  1. can we go together? =_=
    i mean had farewell together? and join new company together.... T_T

  2. I feel happy because I can blog about (like this) the farewell party

    this is also a happy point ar? =.="
    aih.... polly.. i also want..

  3. Ano (Polly) : Can! We leave together!!! we "fried Spansion sotong" together! hahahahah~

  4. Dolly : Hahahahah~ Ya, else happy thing very SHORT list =___="

    I think I should add "So Dolly have new post to see" as Happy thing..don't you think so? Hahahhaah~

  5. thanks for sharing the pics, elaine.
    now i can associate the names and the faces from Spansion KL

  6. hoi!
    ni lagi satu, makan tak ajak orang ni! Kwai pergi company mana ni?

    its ok, Elaine can be SUPERWOMAN after this, but!make sure dont wear ur bra outside..nanti Mr Ang Pengsan hahahahahha

  7. ah.. dont be sad... this gives you more opportunity to shine right? haha.. all the best ya! =)

  8. Uwa : Oppsss.Lupa lagi la uwa! hahahah~ Tak sure la K.W join which company... And I hope to wear panty outside, instead..HAHAH

    Kenwooi : Sighh~~~ To shine more? wah seh~ Means more work to do lor...aiii~