Sunday, August 30, 2009

:: Nuffnang Murderer Premier Screening ::

After Orphan Premier Screening last week, it's time for another Nuffnang Premier Screening for "Murderer", a movie starring Aaron Kwok as the lead actor. Thanks to Nuffnang for selecting my comment and spare me with a pair of exclusive screening tickets for the screening at Cineleisure Cineplex last Tuesday.

Personally, I think this thriller movie is having similar storyline (at least 70~80%) with Orphan. Both stories also talking about how a parents who lost their kid adopted an extraordinary kid, who is having somekind of disease/sickness for not being able to grow properly/normally. A kid who actually age 30~40 years old, but body physically looks like 7~9 years old kid. WTF! Same right? * I'm sure those who watched Orphan&Murderer will have the same thoughts as me* The only differences that I notice is both of them having different ending. Hmmmm..I should say Murderer (Chinese-version of Orphan) do not have any ending. WTF! I hate stories with no ending! Anyway, great spending the time crunching our hearts while watching it, due to the suspen'ness and curiosity!

Overall, I rate 4/10 for this Murderer. 1 rate for an action scene where it cause me to grab/scratch a pair hands nearby me (sorry Yat for sacrifying your smooth hand WTF!!), 1 rate for few scenes where I need to force my eyes to close so I will not have nightmare that night, 1 rate for the kid who played a very good role in the movie (but abit funny when he act like an adult with pondan-voice) and lastly 1 rate for Nuffnang for bringing this movie F.O.C to me!

I went with Yves, Yat and newly met bloggers, Aaron, Hitomi. We spend the 1st round with them for our late dinner at Pho Hoa, a Vietnamese Restaurant. Due to my late snacking at company, I just ordered their Popiah as my dinner. Frankly, they taste abit raw for my tongue.

While Yves who just recovered from her diarhea ordered the "chicken-mee-hon soup". According to her, the dish taste SUCKS, just because of the "lain macam" taste soup. I guess Vietnamese food is not our favorite. Sorry, guys!

The restaurant, "Pho Hoa" which is located at The Curve Ground Floor

My "popiah"

Yves "enjoying" her mee-hoon-soup..kakakakak!

Yat with his "O" mouth...

Aaron & Hitomi, Nice meeting you guys~

Ok, my turn! ^_^

It looks nice isn't it? T___T

They gave us alot of taugeh to serve with the soup~ I guess Vietnamese likes Taugeh alot!

After collected out tickets at 8:30pm from Nuffnang staff, Yves and I decide to continue to shop around mainly dropping by Sasa for any makeup-shopping. Not to forget, we also camwhore with our tickets and outdated- Transformers backdrop. WTF! We are so outdated! Anyway, great night with all of you! Hope we can meet soon~

Me with outdated backdrop! Transformer II!

Ybes turn!

Close-up shot with the tickets!!Jeng jeng Jeng!!!

There are 4 tickets on my hand! But, only 2 belongs to me!! LOL!


  1. do you get free tix from nuffnang har?

  2. Manglish : From lor.....sometime they will be giving out free tickets by require u to leave creative comments or post a blog to blog about it....:)

  3. and the other 2 is mine~