Wednesday, August 26, 2009

:: BASTARD motorists ::

I’ve heard a lot of cases where some BASTARD motorists take the opportunity when they noticed un-guarded bags in the car, especially when the car stopping at the traffic light waiting for it to turns green.

See, this is how they act~! The lock is to lock car, and not to smash window la BASTARD!!

Frankly, until now I still putting my bag on the left’s passenger seat because my bag is big and I do not know where to put other than on the seat itself. =____= *Please scold me for being so naïve and brave for dealing with the possibility in becoming next victim of the BASTARD motorists – Choi choi choi!Touch wood!!*

I tried to put on my right hand side, but somehow it restricts my driving movement which might lead to the possibility of accident instead of dealing with the possibility of bag-hijacking.

I tried to put it at the back (back passenger’s leg area) but somehow it makes me difficult in getting something in the middle of driving. Eg: when I want to get my wallet, my handphone, my handsfree, or anything.

I tried to put my bag at front passenger’s seat (leg’s area), but somehow it dirtied my white working bag. Wtf~ You know, the mat might get dirtied when I was fetching my family/friends. And it will stick and remain on my bag.

I tried to put it on my leg’s area (driver’s seat), and not to mention I can’t drive at all. It blocks my leg’s movement totally. WTF~

So ended, I still putting it on the front’s seat mainly because I can’t find a suitable place to put my BIG bag where I can easily accessible and reachable. Shall I get smaller bag, but I can’t fit my notebook inside! Those BASTARD motorists really making our life so miserable. Just because of their BASTARD’s action making us to think so many actions to prevent them from acting BASTARD’ly. Grrrrrrrrr!!

Why they choose to ROB/ATTACK/KILL/HURT other peoples and spoiling people’s property just to earn money? Do they have brain to think of the consequences of their BASTARD actions? They have a pair of hands and a pair of legs to work as usual right? They never know they will hurt people (physically) or mentally! If I ever to bump into those BASTARD motorist, I will chop down their hands or maybe removing their brains because they are not utilizing it anyway. Why not just take it out and donate to Mr Tong Sam Pah! Geezzzzz *realx Elaine, calm down!! Taking breath in and out* Uhhhh aaahhhhh *in and out again*

P/S: Let me know if you have any suggestion on where I should put my bag.
P/S : Please be caution, and don’t give any chances for those BASTARD motorist to be happy by successfully snatch our assets!

So kesian~ Need money to fix the mirror!

This is where I put my bag too T___T

Woi!! Don't take my bag!!! Opsss..Not mine~


  1. why all of a sudden with this topic la??

  2. Eh.. i have the same fear also leh after reading that email. And YES, I have same issue putting my bag elsewhere like you!So now hor, I cover my bag with the jacket. At least not SO TEMPTING I hope...

  3. Stephanie : Nothing la...receive a spam mail, and decided tyo blog about my "beh-song-ness" of those BASTARD motorist~ Geezzzzzzzzz

  4. Polly : Ya wei, should create a box in the ar that can fit our bag hor....heheheh~

  5. yes yes!!! i think so too!!! under the passenger seat, a drawer would be nice!

  6. Polly : Some car got, but i think too small too leh~ Can only put a pari of shoe instead...and we need to bend down to take the back also....Very ma fan~

  7. Oh.. ok.. then cover with jacket like me now... -_-"

  8. Nowadays snatch thief are getting common. We just have to be extra cautious. Covering your bags with jacket is a good idea (maybe an old ragged jacket? ^^)

  9. ya ler..u gals out there better take care yourself la.. cuz current pay doesnt justify expenses. . .

  10. Put your bag (and laptop bag) at the booth, bring wallet and ho with u while driving. wallet out in the drawer, and hp on at your reach.. MAY

  11. lol.. no wonder so familiar la.. like read before.. =P

  12. is it possible to go for a smaller bag? :)

  13. My cousin sister secondary n primary school bag also took with break in the car.
    As for me I will keep my wallet at drawer n hp beside my Rh trimboard handle. My bag put below passenger seat without the tray..coz mine vivi tray missing. hehe
    Let's say laptop i will keep behind the boot. Or u can find some sunshade to block ur door glass . All i hv doing now.

  14. eh.. this mail ar.. =.=
    because of this mail, now Polly's sister know I use KNNCCB.. .=.="

  15. Theeggyolks: Heheheh why mustragged jackets ah? :p

    Taufulou : Hmmmm, Ah Bok...will try too, but very fan can't find really hide the bag

    MAY : Hmmmm, good ideaz, but very troublesome to open booth every time leh~

    Kenwooi : Heheheh, ya ya.....we practise recycle one...:p

    Manglish : Hmmmm..can geh, but cannot put notebook wor...My notebook very big..

    Mei : The tra very small leh (for myvi) cannot fit my GIANT bag..siennn~~

    Dolly : Heheheh, why ah? I forgotten....

  16. u choose lo... becos of troublesome and u wan to take the risk..when things one kesian one oh....

  17. Steph : Ya, i know..will try to make it a habit from now onwards. :)