Wednesday, August 12, 2009

:: Random Wednesday ::

Frankly, nothing much to share as I do not have anything and nothing spectacular to share! wtf~ What a lame start~

Ok, just few random photos and I'll start telling the story fom that pictures. See, I am a good story teller, pass me the photos, and I can write Nth pages for that photo. =___="

Let us start with the 1st photo of the day.

1# "Car-wash....Car-wash" ~ Christina Alguirera's song

For your information, the one in Orange is our Assembly Manager

This photo is about a group of Spansioners who volunteer themself as car-washer for a day to collect money to be donate to AIDS donation fund as charity. This activity was organized by Spansion SRC team (don't ask me what's SRC, I DON'T KNOW!*sweat*) with the intention to collect as much donation as possible by offering car-wash services to Spansion's staff.

For those who want to send their "dirty" car for washing, will be charged RM5 per wash (only exterior) and does not guarantee clean mainly because Spansioners are not professional car washer.

2# Our Managing Director is washing car???! *rub eyes few times, and see again*

The man (balding) in the middle is our Managing Director

Everybody joining their hands to wash the cars includeing our Managers and Managing Director. Hello! Managing Director and managers who are earning 5 sigits salary per month washed your car and never think it's impossible, and never think you must have at least 5 digits amount to get them to wash your car! You can do it at RM5, yes, 5 pieces of RM1 to get them to wash your car! hahahahhaha!

What impressed me the most is they really got change their wash-car attire (means rotten t-shirt and sexy-short pant/pyjama short) and get ready to wash any cars on the spot! That's so unbelieavable! But too bad, I just wash my baby Vivi yesterday, so he is absolutely clean today! And I think I can wash better and more clean, because normally I spent 1~2 hours only to wash and wipe off the water thoroughly.

But since it's for charity, I decided to let them clean it next week, as they will have their booth on again next week. Let's wait and see how clean my Vivi can be. :)

3# Metrojaya 12~16 August Warehouse Sale

Metrojaya Warehouse Sale is back again from 12 to 16 August 2009 and it offers Discounts up to 70%. Hui Juin and I visited the same warehouse sale early this year. We manage to grab alot of cosmetics and apparels. I remember the crowd was pack during last visit, and it's totally different from this. I can freely move around without the need to use my BIG BUTT to push those aunties away, especially those who had bigger BUTT than me. =____="

Hui Juin says maybe it's the 1st day, so the crowded not as bad as last time. You know, people like to do last minute shopping!

Anyway, below are some information about the warehouse sales. Drop by of you have time, to see whether is there anything that you want to grab, and can grab!

Special Promotion
Complimentary RM50 Gift Vouchers up for Grabs
Only with your American Express Card issued by Maybank
Complimentary RM50 Metrojaya Gift Voucher when you spend RM500 & above with your Amex Card.

Products Offered

Cosmetics & Fragrances
Home Essentials
and more ....

All credit cards are accepted
Strictly NO helmets, food/drinks, cameras allowed inside venue
Only Small Purses allowed
Goods sold are non refundable and non exchangeable

12-15 August 2009 (Wed – Sat): 10.00am – 7.30pm
16 August 2009 (Sun): 10.00am – 7.00pm

Stadium Malawati Shah Alam
Jalan Persiaran Sukan
40100 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan

4# Look!! What I've bought from Metrojaya Sales

I've spent plus minus RM100 for buying those cosmetics *abit regret for putting them in my shopping bag, and pay upon leaving the hall*. Damn! I really a shopaholics!

I've bought one Loreal Quad-Eye Shadow collection @RM20, one Loreal True-Match Mineral Foundation @RM20, one Loreal Derma Genesis Eye Contour @RM35, one Skiva half-cup BRA @RM20, and one Loreal Man-Collection Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream @RM15.

OF course I can't show the bra here, or any of the picture me wearing them! I'm not that sexy ok! ahahahhaaha! Anywa, there goes my RM100K for this month~ I need to eat bread for a week from now. ALILUYA~

Quoted from last Metrojaya Visit
There goes our Thursday Shopping Day, and i've spend RM100+ for this trip. Shit!!%^&*()_)(*&^%%^ I must learn how to control my eagerness in shopping. I should watch "Shophalics" movie repeatedly to remind myself. *hahhahaha*

P/S : Damn! I'm weak in telling myself, not to shop for useless thing anymore!!! T____T Help ah!!!

Ok, sign off now....Going to sleep and TO BE CONTINUED tomorrow~ ZzzzzzzzzZZzZzzzZZz

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  1. it's due to the influenza. that's why people tend to avoid crowded places.

  2. wah.. after so long, finally got post up liao

  3. Steph : Hmmmm..ya ya....ur right...I saw a number of people wearing face mask while shopping...Can't stand of the temptation to shop gua i guess...

    Dolly : Wah ! Where got long...*scroll up and down* I did blog on MOnday ok...only skip 1 day1 nia ma...hahahhaah!

  4. u spend 'rm100K'???? u sure or not?

  5. Stephanie : Ok, over RM100....abit* =___="