Wednesday, August 19, 2009

:: Nuffnang Orphan Premier Screening ::

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving out tickets for Orphan Premier Screening for the movie at Mid Valley GSC on 18th August 2009 @ 9pm. And fortunately I'm one of them. *knee down, raising up my two palms facing the sky and say ALILUYA...Ya Allah......Oh God, thank you!*

Other than organizing outing events, Nuffnang also regularly giving out free movie tickets for grabs to various premiere screening by just as simple as leaving a comment or posting a post in blog related to the movie. Simple as A.B.C isn't it? :)

So, I grab my chances to attend this Orphan Premier Screening, to test my luck in getting the tickets. We will need to tell about the scariest thing we did/wished to do to frighten our parents. Here is my comment.

"Ok, one of my scariest experience is when my parents in the middle of fighting last time(really fight one!), while me being little kid that time hiding under a table watching the war between them. My mom somehow in the middle of arguments run to kitchen and took the “parang-which she used to chop meat” out and throw it to my dad, who was standing in front of a table, WHERE I WAS HIDING! And luckily the knife somehow lost the speed and drop before it reach us! Else, I will be the dead meat today.

So, I wish I can do the same (throw the knife) to every parents in the world to show how frighten I was when they fight, especially when it involve “parang”/knife or any related tools. And at the same time, to remind parents not to fight as this will effect kids mental and action in future. Like me now~"

Thanks to my parents, I got 2 premier tickets, and here I am to share my experiences watching this horror movie.

Official Synopsis

An outwardly angelic little girl displays an unforeseen devilish streak upon moving into the home of her new adoptive parents in this shocker starring Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga. In the aftermath of a miscarriage, prospective parents Kate (Farmiga) and John (Sarsgaard) find their lives turned upside down; their marriage is falling apart, and the demons of Kate's past begin manifesting themselves in a series of horrifying nightmares.

Deciding that the best means of achieving some semblance of normalcy is to simply adopt, the dejected couple visits a local orphanage. There, they are both drawn to a nine-year-old girl named Esther. But Esther isn't as sweet as first impressions suggest, and almost immediately after welcoming the young child into their home, Kate and John suspect that something is terribly wrong with their adoptive daughter.

Kate can see right through Esther's seraphic charm, though her attempts to convince everyone else of the truth go unheeded by her skeptical family and friends. By the time anyone bothers to take Kate seriously, it may be too late to prevent a devastating tragedy from unfolding.

Personal Synopsis

I was impressed by this little gal as she is damn good in acting. You will know what I meant when you watched it yourself.

The storyline quite boring in the beginning in telling us how Easther live with her new family, sometime frighten by the extra loud side effect, and feel grossy seeing the blood flying and spurting around [ I mean me, not Easther!]. Yucckkkkks!! But the story began interesting for the last 30 mins, where all the secret was revealed one by one. Mainly revealing who is the real Easther and why she is doing this, why she having that kind of mindset, why she act like that, why she dressed like that and so on.

There is one scene where all the audience started making "Uhhhh...ahhhhhh.........ohhhhhhh" followed by "heheheheheheh" sound while watching. Hahahhahh~ It's when Easther started to ..................Opssss...I think you better go and watch it yourself....And "uuhhhhh..ahhhhhhh..." yourself...wakakakkakak!

I rate 7/10 for this movie as I'm not into horror movie. Anyway, overall, the storyline is very interesting and shocking! You will be suprised at the end, instead leaving you to think about the ending like Transformer II. Wondering whether the bad guy is dead completely (without return) or somehow the good guy is dead and ended you will need to watch further series to know more. Wtf~ What is that~ =____= I'm paying to see movie, and not paying to see for a movie which will lead to another movie, and I will need to pay again to watch again and in return the movie will lead to another series and pay again.. Where am I ? *dizzy to many rounds of return and paying*


  1. who u went to watch the movie =_=
    y no ajak me one since it's FREEEEEEE


  2. Eee..
    ghost movie.. =.=

  3. Eee... the first pic is creepy..
    i shivered 2 times when look into her..

  4. Teru : I went with Ah Yat.....Worry you wil too rush for the movie @ Mid Valley. I remember you told me you will finish work at 6:30pm right? heheheh~ No worries, we can go movie ANYTIME you want ok...

    Dolly : Not ghost's "ganas" movie, where seeing the girl KILLING! Spurting the blood all over the cinema screen. heheheh~ No ghost at all! NOT AT ALL!! *Polly, I'm telling you, NO GHOST AT ALL!!*

  5. .....


  6. luckily you didnt look like ester...but in the dark room, is scary!! :p