Thursday, August 20, 2009

:: Lucky number 6676 ::

Yeay!! My car number was drawn as 2nd prize for yesterday's PMP (horse-KUDA) lottery. So unbelivable that my new Vivi's number was drawn up to top 3 lottery number after I owned it for just 3 months. For those unlucky one, their car number never been drawn even up as consolation. And if drawn, it may ended as consolation or special numbers.

But mine was drawn to 2nd prize leh. Don't play play!! This show I'm so lucky to pick the nice and lucky number as my Vivi's signature. And it cost me at RM220 to get this lucky number.

I knew it when mom called me yesterday night, asking me whether did I buy lottery yesterday, and starting telling me the story of the number being drawn in PMP. How excited she was when she told me that she bought the number since my car was scratched un-intentionally last 2 weeks. Unfortunately, she did not bought the number yesterday.

And Unfortunately, I did not buy the number too. ANother unfortunately, nobody buy my car number. And lastly, no one kena and won the lottery. WTF!!!!

Sorry, I'm not lottery addictor, and I'm regret why I am not now~ I should buy constantly and maybe I will be happy to announce "I kena 2nd prize lottery!!!! Yeay!!!". But too bad, I cannot. *sob sob sob*

Aiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~ Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~ GOD ah!! Why u treat me like that?!! Why ah?!!! Why ah?!!!!

P/S : I really did not buy. I'm sure you will think "Maybe Elaine got buy, just pretending not buying so she no need to treat us eat".

And I'm telling you, I really not buying, and not kena'ing!!!! I hope I can treat u all for eat if I won those cash prize. Shiit!!! I'm going to bang my head on the wall!!


  1. u can start buying now ma... :P

  2. yeah.. after kena liao belanja makan!!!

  3. tats ur number... 'tergolek, tergolek & keep tergolek'... tats y u din kena lor... hahaha..

  4. Anonymous : Too late Polly... =___="

    Dolly : For sure la..but too bad not this time..wakakkakak!!

    John : Torgolek ur head la.......Next time sure I kena one!!!! *GOD PLEASE HELP ME!!!*

  5. u shd get a number like my number... 'kaya & keep kaya, kaya'... hahaha... but i also nvr kena.. LOL!

  6. John : Seee..that's what I meant by Lucky (potential kena!) and unlucky (Never kena)...You also tak pernah kena! hahahaha! 8878 also no use depends on owner one... :p

  7. why never tell ur car kena scratched ka??? aiseh...else i sure buy....

  8. kenapa la u tak beli? i dah berangan u belanja TGI ni. hahhahaha

  9. aiya, you win or didnt bet also wont treat us 1 la...:p

  10. Stephanie : Aiii~~~ Scratc abit only....thought small thing...aii~~ I should buy since then too...

    Uwa : Yala.....else i can belanja you jugak..heheh!

    Taufulou : Grrrrrrrrrrr~~~