Monday, August 03, 2009

:: One Night Stand Bitch? ::

How do you define "One Night Stand"?
What is "One Night Stand" to you?
Have you tried "One Night Stand"?

Do you have any friends who experienced "One Night Stand"?
How does "One Night Stand" feel?

Last question...

Do I looks like a bitch or someone who desperate to have "One Night Stand"???!!! Wtf~ You tell me!! Tell me!! Do I looks like one???? FML~

The story begin when...........*opening red curtain, jeng jeng jeng~~*

I was in a club, dancing with my chums, who also invited one of her "friend" together hoping to be protected by known-guys and the more we are, the merrier we will be. And we drink and dance as usual (just like usual dancers who drop by the club). The alcohol starting to shoot up to my brain, where I started to get little bit dizzy but but I'm STILL 100% conscious! Let me highlight again that I AM 100% CONSCIOUS! And this guy started to dance with me for sometime while my bunch of friends went out to dance floor leaving me at the table to look after the bag and purse.

Ok, in my opinion, we are ok to be "OPEN" abit when we are out for this kind of outing. But not to the extent where we do not have any limit. We can flirt, we can dance, we can be high, we can enjoy and we can try NOT to be ourself, as long as it's below our limit! Anyway, it's for that few hours of enjoyment. But again, I want to stress here that it must not exceed our limit of actions. Ahhhh, you understand what I meant.

So,being the guy who spending his night with us, I try to be friendly enough to communicate with him through speeches and action [mean dancing together]. The dance started to get closer after a while, and I still think it's ok to have little bit of intimate dance when we are so enjoy dancing around.

After a while, he started to change his location and move to my back (and putting his 2 palms on my shoulder). Ok, I still think this is not a rude body language for dancing in a club. And we continue to dance until he move his hand to my waist. That's when I feel little bit of ackward and weird. Thank God my bunch of friends are back, so I change the position and dance (acting nothing happens).

Frankly, I'm not that kind of traditional women where I will slap a guy when he touch my face, or when he touch his hand on my cheek, same goes to my waist. You might be wondering why I din slap him or rejected him immediately. You see, I'm trying to be professional in outing ok! FML~

Thankfully, nothing happen at the end. But I think he's abit over when dancing with his hands on my waist, and trying to get lower and lower~ Deettt!!! Please make sure you're over 18 before proceed! Hahahahah~

I think I shall fast forward to the peak of this post where I've been called a bitch who dying to have "ONE NIGHT STAND".

After few weeks after that outing, I was out with another bunch of friends. And guess what, this guy is spreading the news that I'm those type of gal who can have "ONE NIGHT STAND" anytime anywhere! At least to a bunch of friends who knew me through Yves~

Aiii~~ I 'm speechless* I'm trying to act pro here and got this ending at the end.

P/S : That guy still keep calling me up to today (blame myself for giving out my phone and MSN contact at the beginning of the party), I did not answer his phone at all. He called me constantly a week or two after the party. And the last time he called me was today afternoon, after I knew I was called one night stand bitch. How wish I want to answer him and yell ;

"I'm NOT dying to have one night stand with you ok! Don't perasan!! And if I really wish to have one, that guy for sure will not be you even left with 1 guy in this planet!"

"Please mirror yourself and see your cat face! If you're out of mirror please pee and mirror yourself in the reflection of pee. If you really out of pee, I don't mind peeing and borrow you mine!

Sorry to be mean here, but I just can't stand myself (such an innocent, adorable, sweet "little" gal) being called a bitchy who dying, DYING to have one night stand!

P/S/S : And guys, I'm still an innocent adorable little gal!!! hahahaha~

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  1. Hock! Hock! Hock! Hock! I borrow u my "pee" as well!!! To mirror his "thought" leng chai face.. vomit.vomit.vomit.
    Cilaka~ i also got cheated by his "behave" action for almost 8 years, ftw!!!

  2. actually everyone also got the different view of the one night stand, different people different opinion.

  3. see..see..see.. told u right?
    kena 'tiap' baru tau...

  4. Actually dancing also got the dancing limit, we should know what to do what shouldn't do.
    For that guy, he should respect the lady. Don't simply move the hand to the lady's waist, like that is try to take advantage on her not to dance with her.

  5. Teruterubonzu : Hahahah~ Ok ok! Use ur pee...ur pee clearer! Healthier~ Mine one got little bit kuning~ KAKAKKA~

    Ericyoong : Yeap! Eric you're my man! Actualy move to waist still ok, but the way he move around is abit rude and not respecting.

    John : JOHN!! No ah!! I tak kena tiap!!!! Just kena "mor" only~ =__="


    Katak want to eat swan ar? Look at his own katak face on dirty lake first la..

    Kanasai him!!! Ask him go Roll far far and die far far..

    Don’t stay on this earth and pollute the earth..

  7. lol~
    kena rumous loh!
    what to are too innocent ma..sometimes hior..innocent look girls like you hior when get to know better they are just the opposite~

  8. if possible try not to bring 'hand bag' when go clubbing. and finish ur drink avtime u leave to dance floor and don't accept other ppl's drink.

  9. next time try to avoid / ignore this kind of people la when go clubbing, don't give him any chance try to do something tak respect you or other ladies 1. once he do it for the 1st time, i'm sure he will do it for the 2nd and 3rd time to you, as well as to other ladies too.

  10. hahaha...kena makan toufu ya?
    go ask leong to pukul him... hahaha..
    mana alan tam? ask alan tam follow together...

  11. Donna : Thank you!! Thank you for saying me a "swan"...hahahah~ *awwwwww*

    Taufulou : wtf~ What do you mean me actually the opposite???!! Means i do looks HIAO is it??!! wtf~~ you***** crush my heart!!

    Steph : Hmmmm....drink can control la..but I need to bring camera to take picture not to take bag?? =__="

    Eric Yoong : Ya ya~ I learn my lesson. I only dance with innocent guy, maybe like you? hhahahhah~ You wont put ur hand on my waist right???

    John : Yalo, people eat my tauhu wtf~ What taufu we are talking about?!!! Hahahahahah~

  12. Hi Elaine,

    There's a lot of guys like that when you went for clubbing....cause for them it's normal know they think they are in the west!!!


  13. Acun : I know, but they should know when to keep their mouth shut and mind their own language!! hahahah~ And I'm NOT! Grrrrr