Tuesday, August 18, 2009

:: Bye Bye Kah Wai *again* ::

Ya ya…Again I’m blogging about him leaving Spansion again. Apa nak buat, he’s so famous where everyone dying and queuing to have farewell with him and invited me as well to join. For the last time, Micheal volunteer himself to be the main/sole donator for our last outside lunch (but eat in Spansion) with him on his last day, last Thursday.

I think we celebrated his farewell + birthday total 3 times in 2 weeks.
I always wonder will they treat me the same when I tender my resignation letter?
Will they treat me to Shogun for lunch as well for my farewell?
Will they feel “bu-ser-tek” [ Not short-cur for BISAR-TETEK OK!], it means will they feel sad me leaving them?
Will they do the same farewell party like what I’ve plan for Kah Wai?
Will they ……….they…*sob sob* I don’t think anyone would do the same, because normally me being the organizer who will think for that kind of farewell party.

So I don’t think they are expecting me to organize the farewell party for my own right?? Wtf~

Ok back to the farewell lunch, when we are discussing on what to order for lunch, somehow the conversation ended this way (already summarize the overall conversation) :

Micheal : You guys can order what you guys want. On me.
Elaine : Pizza? Or McDonald?
Kah Wai : Pizza + McDonald! ß he’s so greedy!

So ended up, we ordered 2 regular Pizzas, 4pcs Deli Wings, 1 Garlic Bread, 1 large bottle Orange Twister, One Big Mac Double Cheese, One Fish O Fillet, and 3 Large French Fries. We utilize 2 hours for that last lunch with him laughing and chatting mainly about pregnancy and baby-labor. WTF!!!

Micheal starts it by asking when Kah Wai getting marry and get children. And he starts to share his experiences becoming a father dealing with his 2 naughty kids; heart pain when accidently ‘canned’ her daughter, how his son treat his hair like barbie’s doll’s hair , and somehow it goes so personally until the process of making baby, the percentage of getting baby girl/boy is depending on mummy’s ovum or daddy’s sperm. =_____=”

Women argue depends on guy’s SPERM, and guys argue it solely depends on women’s OVUM. Not sure what is the fact…will try google for answer later. But logically, it must depend on the SPERM ma right? SPERM also got X or Y gen. Why depends on women’s OVUM in this case?

Shit, out of topic again. So we eat our lunch and back to work at 2:00pm! Before that, we did quite alot of poses for our group photo before dismiss ourself. CAMWHORE!!!! ATTACK!!!! We even "fake" kissing the farewell boy.....Pheeeww* Luckily it's fake one...else...*fainted*


  1. bisar tetek..
    where u learn tat from??
    whoever created tat really creative enough la.. so smart!! ^_^

  2. Dolly : Hahahhhah~ heheheh~ Me me...it's me...who is that creative...hehehehehh~ Pai seh Pai seh~

  3. sure ar...=.="
    not inpired by Donna@dolly, the awesome blog ar?
    WTF WTF..