Sunday, August 09, 2009

:: Suprise Bash Party @ Spansion ::

So coincidence, Kah Wai's actual birthday falls on last Friday 7th August 2009, a week before he leave us. Being his co-worker for 2 years, I decided to throw him a surprise party as my last present for him before leaving us struggling behind.

Start arranging the cake, the presents, the money collection for the presents, the visit to buy the presents, the email notification to all about this suprise party,and so many more. Never know it's so hard to plan for a SUPRISE party, as I need to make sure everyone to remain silent, and the most hard thing is to make sure the birthday boy/girl. Phewww~~ So pressuring and stresses!!

Thanks to Hui Juin, who lend a hand to help in buying the Secret Recipe Cake from nearest Secret Recipe. I've decided to buy Moist Choc Cake from Secret Recipe. It cost us @ RM73.50 (including tax). For present, we've share equally to buy him a Memory Lane Photo Album which enclosed with lotz lotz (appx 50 photos) of us being together for this 2 years. US means photo of HIM with Spansion IT department's staffs and Planning Department's staffs, and not the photos of me and HIM. LOL!!! Choii~ Tai kat lei si~ HAHAHHAH! This includes the picture of him being the FATTEST GUY in MES team, a picture of a year back where he still looks like a PIG~ Hahahaha~

All the pictures recall us on the memories we being together. We used to take group photos together, we used to join internal KAIZEN competition together, we used to play bowling together, we used to WIN the bowling competition, we used to join Spansion Hunt together and many more!

It's quite a rush arrangement as I only start arranging and plan everything on Thursday later evening. I also need to rush to nearest Memory Lane to select the most appropriate photo album. After few rounds of surveying in Giant, Kodak shop and Memory last decided to buy a Dark Brown photo album written with "MEMORIES" on the photo cover. Not yet ends here, where I will need to "korek-korek" back all of his OLD photos (digital copies), so I can print it out and put it in the album I bought a day earlier.

And at the same time, I bought him a BIG GIANT card from memory lane, so I will need to ask EVERYONE to go and sign secretly! See, how hard to make it so secret, and the room where the card is located is very nearby to Kah Wai's place. wtf~ I think i'm going to get heart attack! I swear I wont do it for the next time! =__="

Ok, everythings ready by 12:00pm!

Cake, checked!
Photo Album, checked!
Birthday Card, checked!
Arrange another colleague to escort him in before everything ready (with the dummy/fake meeting set with him), checked!
Everyone in the room, checked!

And we sing Happy Birthday once he entered the meeting room with a notebook on his hand! Yes! He's cheated successfully! Congrates Elaine! wakakakak! And we started the cake-cutting ceremony, presents-giving ceremony and photo shooting! Phewwww~ My task ended when we completed our birthday song group singing!

Birthday Boy blowing the cake~ Happy Birthday to you~~~ Damn! Now only I know he's 35th !!

Our BIG card for him~ Nice or not??

OK, the harden secret recipe cake~ Refrigerated too long in the ice-box

Photo time~ MES team

Planning Team, sorry, picture abit blurrrrrrrrr

Infra team~

Lastly, ALL OF US!! IT team~

Shit~ I should be sitting right? So not-gentlemen at all la you KKW!

Opsss...Kah Wai , mind ur HAM SAP hand ah~ HAHAHH~

Jeng jeng Jeng~!!!

Now you see, now you don't!!

Hope you like the presents and the party! Happy Birthday Kah Wai, and farewell!! T___T

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