Monday, August 10, 2009

:: Congratz Wong Siew Ping!! ::

Attending Siew Ping's (not Chew Siew Ping =__=" as I have a friend who also named as Siew Peng-same pronounsiation), graduation was one of my Saturday itinerary since Leong also busy with his hectic working schedule.

Back to the graduation, my colleague from Planning Department, Wong Siew Ping a.k.a Superwoman/Wonderwoman (except she do not wear panty outside) in Planning department graduated from her Master Degree course in Engineering and last Saturday was her graduation ceremony which was held at UPM, Bangi.

The first obstacle that we are facing is, both of Hui Juin and I do not know how to go there. And we are risking our lifesake by using her GARMIN GPS and verbal instruction from both Leong and her dad. As expected we are late, as our plan to reach there around 2:30pm, and ended we reached there at 3:10pm. But who knows, we are way still early for the event. Why??? Let me explain in detail now....

Jeng Jeng Jeng~~ The ceremony started at 2pm, and as guests, we will be there to take photo with the graduand (Siew Ping) after the completion of the ceremony. Normal certification-giving ceremony the msot will takes 1~2 hours time. So we estimated to start our photo-shooting ceremony at 3 or 4pm the most. Who knows, the ceremoy ended at we need to wait for like 3 hours.

It's still way to long before we manage to see her, so we take this oppurtunity to camwhore, sleeping, and accompany Kah Wai to buy graduation flowers for Siew Ping.

Waiting till sleeping ~ GruuuU~ ZzzZZzZZZ~ KHJ, ur so fake~Don't smile la~ =___="

Pretty ladies with flower...They should wrap us with the flowers and not the bear right? We are cuter right? Hahahhaha~

Some silly camwhore pose~ =___="

In the air-cond hall~ All waiting.....patiently......

Our gift to the Heroin for the day~ We bought Memory Lane Photo Frame~

Too boring, so borrow Kah Wai's bouquet for camwhoring...

The cute bear....IT cost Kah Wai @ RM32 after our negotiation.

The time still way so far from the finishing speech, so ML, Hui Juin and I went out for a quick snack-session. For the 1st time, I witness how so called-Penang-Char Kuey Teow looks like. They saw one stall selling Penang Char Kuey Teow, and they decided to order one to fill their grawling stomahc, thought somehow it would taste similar to the one the had in PENANG (chinese-style). Who knows, the boss comes with a waterish Penang Kuey Teow after a while.

You judge? It looks good or not? What do you think about the taste? Hui Juin, mind to share the taste of the food? T_________T

The stall and the kuew yeow~ T____T Nope, I dont dare to try~ heheheheh~

At last, the ceremony ended and we get our chance to join Siew Ping and start our photo-session, after 3 hours waiting in the hall. Luckily it was fuly-air-cond hall, else I'll be like the fish which was listed from the pond......why? Just imagine sweat covering my body, dripping from my body, and wetting my bra and panty~ =___=" I should not wear them~ hahahahah~

The crowd..All waiting for their friends, relatives, sisters, brothers to come out from the hall... =____=" We are one of them~

At last, our 1st photo shoot~Can you see I'm sweating?? It's so hot out there!

Sunny Bright Sun on top of us!!!

3 of us!! Spansioners!

Walking towards another area which we are out of sunny sunlight!

SP's cousin (left), Siew Ping (center) and her husband (right)

All of us~

Being creative for photo-session, we started asking Siew Ping's to throw her mortar board as a sign for finishing the Master! And as expected, we need to take few shots for getting it nicely and elegantly. No doubts, alot of failure shots. =___="


Proceed with that, I volunteer myself to be the actress in the throwing the board together with her. Initially, the plan was me showing the fake-moving pose with her who throw the mortar board..But who knows, ended up with the photo which I look like the one who throw the board. =___="

"Wah!! so high!!"

"Is that a bird?? Is that an aeroplane??, No, it's SUPERMAN!!"

The funny moment while dropping the board..hahahah~ I'm risking my future happiness (for notbeing able to get rich husband/or boyfriend dumping me) for being so SF FUGLY here! hahhah!

My turn in throwing....."heeee-yiakkkk!!"

Kah Wai's turn..pretending to be so pro!!

So coincidence, our colleague Cung Leng from PD also joined her friend'ss graduation who also from UPM.

Busy listening to phone...

My turn borrowing the flower from SP's husband

This is 100% camwhoring!!!

We ended our day with a dinner at famous chinese restaurant, Restaurant Leong Ya which is located nearby The Mines. It was Kah Wai's treat for the suprise birthday party thrown to him earlier and in conjunction of Siew Ping's graduation day too.It was such a suprise he volunteer for the treat because he's those type who keep his one cent/2 cents carefully. In other words, Kiam siap~ =___="

Anyway, the bill cost him at RM66 and Thanks KAH WAI! It's worth to spend so much of effort and time in throwing you the party. heheheheh~

Congratulation WONG SIEW PING!! And Farewell KONG KAH WAI!!


  1. Eh.. Polly.. the one u pura pura sleep one…
    So fake lah u.. u see Elaine act like so natural leh..
    But u got sikit sikit “yam yam xiu” like that.. =_____=”
    Got mimpi miang ar? WTF.. =_______________=”

  2. Oi Lolly! Why u put that "almost" photo? got another 1 ma?! >.<

    Si Dolly, =.=" ya i am dreaming of u! I dreamt I rampas all ur pillow and blanket AND ur tilam too... wtf~

  3. another CHEW SIEW PENG is here =_=" i wish to wear the square hat and the ugly blouse one day... i'm not referring SPANSION's Siew Ping's blouse but most of the local U's blouse is true ugly but still i wish to wear.. HAHAHAHAHA

  4. Dolly : jia jia~ Must act like me....*coz i really sleepy that time* =___="

    Polly (Ano) :Errr....coz this one you look more sexy, so I put thsi one lor..hahahah~

    CHEW SIEW PENG : You can what....go and enroll for degree course can!! i know you can! heheheh~ Then i go take picture for you...

  5. nice... ahh.. cant wait for my convo in november! im done with my degree! =D

  6. Elaine,
    i think i kenal SP punya cousin tu. My fren masa UKM dulu. WOng ape nama dia lupa la.
    My PBSM mate tu dulu ehehehhe.. what a small world!

  7. Keenwooi : Wow!! Congratulation eh!! You're officially BIG BOY now....*maybe not that big~ wriggle eyebrow*. Anyway, good job!

    Uwa : Errr...I pun tak tau apa nama...but u sure u punya fren at UKM ker? Coz you looks way younger than her! hahahhahah~