Thursday, August 13, 2009

:: Expired but Yummy Breakfast !! ::

She’s been so good to volunteer in preparing today’s breakfast for both of us. Actually is more to no-choice option (means force la! =__=) for her, as originally she plan to buy the bread and ham, and I boil the egg. But thinking I woke up at 6am normally and if I need to boil the egg, I will need to wake up at 5am?? WTF~

And after further experiment, I found out myself a FAILURE more to a DISASTER for not knowing how to boil an egg properly. I always under-boiled the egg where the egg yolk and white eye still watery and I feel so disgusting to put it in my mouth. So normally ended up given to Mr Tong Sam Pah! OR regularly over-boil the egg where the whole egg as hard as stone/rock! Wtf!

Ok, I decided to let her to show off all her cooking power and I just share my eating power! Ye~haaaa!!!

What shocked the me the most is when she sent me a sms saying “The ham expired already. Do you dare to try?? =D” and I answered “Yes, why not?!!So, we can detox F.O.C!”. Originally, she plan to make the sandwiches last week so she bought the ham and egg. But due to some unforeseen circumstance, we need to cancel our plan.

Usually, we need to buy RM29.60 TruDox Tea to constantly poo (basically due to serious constipation). But if we eat the EXPIRED ham, so we can have free of charge detox plan! Killing 2 birds with a stone isn’t it? Hehehehhe!

Since we have so many advantages and benefits for eatig EXPIRED ham, both of decided to carry on with the plan, and she comes to work with EXPIRED HAM + BOILED EGG Sandwiches on her hand. *pray to GOD hoping I still can survive and wake up as usual tomorrow*

Jeng Jeng Jeng~~~~ What's inside???

1st layer - Tomato Sauce on the ham

2nd layer ham on the egg and bread

3rd layer egg on the bread and on the expired ham


TASTE GREAT, regardless of the date of expiry for the HAM!! KAKKAKAKAKKAK!!!

Thanks Hui Juin!!!

P/S : Still left 4 pieces of HAM inside her fridge. She is asking me whether want to have another round of sandwich-making (using the same EXPIRED HAM) next Tuesday! WTF~ What you say?


  1. Eeee... Polly.. the expired ham u didn't cook wan ar?!!!!! why white white like that one
    at least my 2 months expired egg, i got COOK!!!

    eh.. elaine.. for boiling egg part la.. wtf..
    my lazy tactic.. =__="
    boil it previous night.. but inside peti sejuk next morning cincai heat it and call it a boil egg for breakfast.
    and I normally use rice cooker to boil loh.. coz i dont know how to control the api to make it cooked completely loh..

  2. Eeee..tsl.. the 1st pic look like "fatt mou" already! =__="

    Dolly got cook la of cos! White white cos it's chicken meat and i boil it instead of pan-fry it ma. So ur 2 month expired egg still more gross! >.<

    Elaine, dolly can eat 2mth expired egg, we only 2days + if tuesday then 5days = 7 days only!!!!

  3. eat lau need go work

  4. Dolly : Hmmmmm.......then not fresh ledi, if fridged overnight...Luckily Leong TAK MAKAN telur, I do not need to learn..wakakkaak!

    HuiJuin : Errrr..I think we still can eat geh.....Try my "usus" system on coming Tuesday ok! wakakakaka!

    Taufulou : Ya la! Why you so panlai one! That's my intention one!! shii~~~ Don't tell my boss...