Tuesday, August 04, 2009

:: Spansion Fruit Sale ::

Spansion is having fruit sale at its car park compound where HR manages to get a fruit vendor from somewhere (maybe someone’s relatives are selling fruits somewhere some streets).

They started to announce for the upcoming fruit sale event since last few weeks, but I guess nobody bother to care about it until yesterday where they blocked/closed 2 rows of car parks to allocate the spaces for the fruit vendor.

And unfortunately, those 2 rows are my favorite car parks all the while. Forgotten about the fruit sale, thought can park there as normal and ended up got chased or “shu shu” by the security knocking on my window telling me “Miss, you cannot park here!” wtf~ And I need to make another big U-turn for 3rd row. Whatever~ la~

Ok, this fruit sale will be held for 2 days 3rd and 4th August 2009. There are selling Yellow Rambutan, Red Rambutan, Dukong on the 1st day, adding with Durian and Longan on the 2nd day.

According to our HR Director, somehow the price will be lower than market price since they named it “Fruit Sale”, but as a non-regular fruit-buyer, I also not sure whether are we being cheated or we really got at a cheaper price a compare to normal RRP (recommended retail price).

They are selling Rambutan at RM3 for 1kg and RM5 for 2 kgs, while selling Dukong/Longan at RM4 per kg. You judge, is it cheap???

1st day purchase! Attack RAMBUTAN!

Camwhore with "them" wtf~

Another decent shot~

Last day ~ LONGAN! we are coming!

Honey Longan 1kg @ RM4


I got mine~ Party started!!

P/S : I bought 3 kgs of rambutan and 1 kg of longan.

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  1. haha.. polly.. your hair also so long now..
    got UFO trend d..

  2. haha camwhore with rambutan.. didnt camwhore with longan??? unfair la.. =P

    p/s: i've migrated to wordpress. do relink me coz the feed link has changed.. the previous BLogger feed link is no longer working! thanks! =)


  3. Dolly : Yes, mine too T___T Very wide UFO tim~

    Kenwooi : Hahahhah~ Sit, finished Longan ledi..next time...wakakakak~