Tuesday, September 01, 2009

:: Nuffnang Final Destination Screening ::

Thanks to Ah Bok for inviting me to Nuffnang "Final Destination" Premier Screening at TGV, 1 Utama as dated as below.

Date : 1st September 2009
Time : 9pm
Venue : TGV, 1Utama, Damansara Utama

Yeay! First time meeting Ah Bok..hmmmm..no no..it's the 2nd time...I should say 1st time chatting with him in "real life", and frankly honestly absolutely he is very tall! LOL! I need to bend my head upward to talk to him, and I believe he will need to bend his head downward to talk to me. WTF!! No no, I know what you are thinking! Not me who is short, is he who is tall ok! It's totally different statement and meaning!! =___="

I'm shorter than him doesn't mean I'm very short and when he is tall doesn't mean he is very tall! When he is taller than me, doesn't mean I'm short! *what I'm saying now -confuse* Bottomline, he is tall but I'm not short! hahahahah

Note : I'm not that fat and short ok! LOL!!

Ok, let's get to the movie review this time. There is only one word to describe this movie "SIGH". You will know why when you see the movie yourself, and please pay RM11/RM10 to SIGH in person yourself! Hahahahah!

Basically, this story works similarly to previous FD, where a group of peoples manage to survive from death when the hero manage to see/sense that they are going to be killed in a tragedy. So, he manage to save their lifes, but ended with tragedies where each of them takes turn to be killed in a horror way!!! Maybe their body will be cutted into half, or their eye ball being removed, or their head being chopped off from their body and many more creative ways of killing! Watch it if you curious about it.

Frankly, I'm quite dissapointed with this one, Final Destination IV as compare to previous ones. Mainly there are few reasons :

1) The movie duration too short , 1 hour 15~20minutes including few short advertisments
2) The peoples DIE SO FAST! WTF! It's like 2 peoples death in 15 minutes!
3) The hero not handsome & the heroin is wearing panty and walks around! Please don't bring boyfriend to watch this movie, else they will compare yours with hers one! LOL!
4) I'm expecting myself to throw out after seeing those blood splashing around, but too bad I ended walking out from the cinema without even a drop of digested food's liquid from my mouth! Sorry to be grossy here!
5) There is no ending!! WTF!! I hate this the most!!! WTFFFFFFF!! Another no-ending movie!! Why all movies like that one?!! I was like "HUH?!?!!!! Again" upon leaving the cinema! Sighhhh~~~

Ok, enough with the review? Overall, I rate 1/10 for movie rating. 1 rated for Ah Bok for inviting me! Ah Bok, it's for you!! Bravo!! So what you think? Do you feel like going in, paying for a movie with no ending?

"It's up for you to take the risk", "The rating is mainly based on personal taste and review" <-- Courtesy of Ah Bok for these 2 phrases~ LOL!

Presenting, the tickets and both of us! He is bending down to take picture with me LOL!!

Hmmmm, which one looks better? The skull or me? LOL!

P/S : I'm watching Final Destination IV at 7th month 14th day of Chinese Lunar Calendar (means the day where all the hungry/ham sap ghosts freely to wonder around human world for fun *shivering*)

P/S/S : Ok, I'm going to sleep with lights ON tonight, and with handphone music ON tonight!

P/S/S : Will upload photos of me and Ah Bok soon~ Stay Tune~

Till here, nitez nitex..


  1. Hi Elaine, love your sense of humour, and your "tall, short, tall' is hilarious!
    Your tall friend looks real kool too.
    Good looking guy.
    Hey, you look alluringly sensational, Elaine....nice pics of you...and a smile that will bring make the moon rise an hour early.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. do u think the 3D version is better ar? :)

  3. Uncle Lee : Awwwww..so sweet of you...Yes, the tall guy is cool .. :) WTF~ I looks "alluringly sensational"..nice described! I lurve it! wakkaka!

    Manglish : Hmmmm..3D version? I think so, at least we are paying to see the blood spurting to our face directly! Yeeeeeeeee~

  4. wahahha...walio...your describtion..u r just ....(fill in the black) 1/10? lol..my rating taruh salah la..copy paste forgot edit..keke

    3-d version..surelooking foward loh..got meh?

  5. Tuesday 1st Sept is not 14th la..Wed only is 14th..huhuhu

  6. Taufulou : heheheheh~ creative leh~ yalor, dunno how 3d will looks like hor...

    Yatz : Ya, but Tuesday is 7/14 eve!! :)