Friday, September 18, 2009

:: I'm a MURDERER::

While I was resting to take my bath after a long tiring day yesterday night, all of a sudden I heard some screeching sound produced from my florescent light.

I was so shocked to see a bee (a baby bee- based on the size of it) playing around in my room, enjoying his happily moment on the light.

Being a normal human, scared of bitten by the bee to be specific, start my mission to kill it to prevent it from biting me! WTF! I’m normal human OK! You will act the same as me, if you meet a bee (potential killing bee) in your room ok! LOL!

Roll up my sleeve and running downstairs to get help. Not sure what should I get as a tool to protect me and a tool to kill the bee. Running to kitchen, turning my eyes right and left searching for a TOOL!

How about a butcher knife? Deett!! Cannot, too big and the possibilities of killing myself is higher than killing the bee! Because I will lost my rational thoughts when I got nervous! Scary leh~ so a big No No No for butcher knife.

How about getting a fork? Dettt!! Cannot also, because too small! It will take me ages to kill an aggressively flying bee.

How about getting a plate, so I can use to throw at the bee? Deettt!! Cannot, the possibilities of the plate bouncing back and hit myself is higher as compare in successfully killing the bee.

Change my area, running to hall room to find suitable tool.

I saw the sofa’s big pillow. How about using the pillow, so I can throw to the bee and for sure pillow won’t bounce back like the plate! Dettt!! Cannot, the possibilities me dying higher than the bee dying because MY MOM will KILL me for dirtying her pillow!

How about getting the coffee table? Deettt!! Stupid idea!

At last, I found my savor, ShieldTox! Phewwww! Now only I realize it’s hard to find a mosquitoes killer in my house. Should ask mom to stock in more for emergency use like now. WTF!

Ok, grabbed the Shieldtox and run upstairs again to start my mission to hunt for the bee in my room (hopefully it’s still there).

Yes, the bee do not know how to write the “DIE” word, not knowing he will sooner end his life as bee and going to hell soon without even have his own grave. WTF!! Am I too cruel to handle a baby bee? I don’t care, I do not want to get bite and who knows this bee bitten a H1N1 or AIDS patient before and I will directly get transmitted with those disease through the bite (Errrr………it can be transferred in such way or not? Heheheheheh!)
I manage to video the process of killing the bee from the moment I spray the Shieldtox, the moment of the bee struggling to run away until the moment he take the last breath in this world.
See, I’m good to you already, bee! At least you leave some mark in this world, you leave with proud! LOL! Enjoy and please comment on my editing skill. Tell me you love it, baby! Heheheheh!

* Worth to wait for a while * Don't move away~ Puhh..leaseeeeeeeeeeee~

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    I do that too. I run around the whole house.. looking for random.. killing items.

    But in the end, I usually get too creeped out that I end up.. not killing it. And getting someone else to do it.

    u got sin!!!
    pray more later and help me spray.. =p

    P/S.. no wonder speed reply email is like turtle la.. rupa rupany curi curi write blog... =____="

  3. you are a MURDERER!!!!! kesian the bee....can you imagine what his/her family members are talking right this moment?

    "have you heard about Ed?", said cousin bee
    " is a tragedy", said auntie bee
    "murdered by shieldtox", said cousin bee
    "tsk..tsk...tsk...those human..." said auntie bee, shaking her head..

    Think again next time you want to kill small animals :) ahahah

  4. tiffanyk: yalor..That's normal reaction for ladies is it? LOL!

    Dolly : OMITOFU~ I got alot of sin eh! How??? I "pa pa" oh! *scare scare patting chest*

    Manglish : Aiyoh! Im so scare eh! Later the BEE'S FAMILIES come and revenge then how ah? *scare scare patting chest again*

  5. You better start going on vegetarian diet for 49 days to cleanse your sin. Haha.

  6. omg! so cruel! but it is an interesting post. =)

  7. Shingo T : Aiyoma~ OMITOFU~

    My Profile : Heheheh~ Soli, you need to cuci mata for reading this post.....

  8. So cruel. I would simply catch it and throw it out the window.
    But nice read. :)

  9. Hi Elaine, love your humour and eloquence. Pity the bee though....
    Now I wonder what if a snake had crawled in, ha ha ha,
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.