Sunday, September 06, 2009

:: My heart is broken ::

This is the 1st time my heart felt so pain even more as compare to when I failed in my subject, as compare to when Leong hurted me, as compare to when my mom throw me from the staircase when I was 7yrs if a knife stabbed into my heart truly deeply madly deeply.

My baby Vivi was hurt after 3 months with me. I "hit his" head to a lorry last Friday when I was on my way back from a dinner with Yves on a night.

I was on the way back after steamboat dinner with Yves on last Friday at Bukit Tinggi Klang. I reach Kesas Kota Kemuning tol in 10 minutes after dropping by Yves back at her house. 500km~ 1km away from the tol, I started to look for my identification card (IC) which I loaded and normally use as Touch&Go card to pass the tol.

Unfortunately, I can't seems to find it anyhow. I try to search again in my vallet (again and again while driving and slowly moving to the "cash" counter, just incase I can't find it at the end. But, my brain seems so anxious and nervous when I can't find my IC, because I was using it earlier (to Klang). I worry I dropped it somewhere when I step out from the car or I dropped it somewhere in the car hidden places, or maybe I put it in my car somewhere... My mind keeps on flashing back where I put it after my last usage.

Without realizing, my car already closely moved to a lorry which is queuing in front of me. And by the time I move my head and eyes to front...BUMMMMMMPPPPP!!!!!!!! Followed by Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!! from me who is in shocked. My car hit the back of the lorry and immediately I press the brake as deeply as I can, but it was too late. It was too late because my no point me pressing the brake when my bonet already hit the lorry's back. WTFFFFF!!!!!

I was shocked and not knowing what to do STONED for few seconds. And started to look for my handphone and call for help. At the same time, I saw a bunch of Malay guys coming down from the lorry. The lorry move and park at the side of the tol and started to approach me who is busy calling for help.

If not mistaken, there are 4~5 of them. 2 from front seats and 3 from the back (the lorry's back container). I'm nervous, I'm so scared but thank god there are so many cars during that time which are queing to pass the counter. So, at least I do not need to worry they will hijak me or beating me for banging their back.

I quickly move to see my car's condition and as expected the front bonet was dented (kemik) terribly and I can't even open my door (driver's door). WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

After 5~ 10 minutes, the driver approach me by asking "Are you ok?", and I replied "I'm Ok, and sorry". The driver claimed that his lorry is OK and I think of course la...The transport you are driving is LORRY while I drive Myvi! Sure you are ok la! WTF! My Vivi hit directly to the back's of the lorry's kangaroo's bar (for lorry) and I guess the worst is where the bar was left with few scratches only. And they leave me alone there after confirming I'm ok. Ok, they are not that bad~ At least they did not hijak me, my car and rape me somewhere in the middle of the jungle! Shit~ What I am saying... @___@

Anyway, my car still manage to move after furter investigation. What a bad day for me! my tyre flatted on the same day which I had fixed it few hours before the accident happen. You say la, bad luck or not? Sighhh~~

Fortunately, no body injury except little sore on my stomach there. I guess my stomach hit on the stereng when I hit the emergency brake. However, not that pain now. I admit it was 100% my careless because not preparing the money/touch&go earlier. So the morale of the story, concentrate while you're driving and don't drink and drive... LOL!

Sighh~ I still need to go and report police to claim insurance. I still need to send my car for repair. And I can't freely move around without my Vivi and have to use my parents' car with the pressure of borrowing their car. Not to say they are selfish, but somehow I will stressed driving their car. You know la, must really take extra care while driving. Sighh~~

But, luckily because of that also, I do not need to worry on how to go to work while my Vivi being "hospitalized" for at least 2 weeks! Bad luck day has gone, and another brighter tomorrow will come! AMIN! ALILUYA!

It might not looks bad, but the worst thing is I just owned it for 3 months and Wa~laaaa!! T____T

Can you see the hole?! SIghh~

Another big hole. Due to this dented bonet, I can't open my driver's door.


  1. Hi Elaine, regret read of your unfortunate accident. But glad you okay and the car not badly damaged.
    Its okay, you will get back that car again after repair as good as new.

    Incidentally, last year I was exchanging blog comments with a lady blogger
    she had replied me, I replied her, and waiting for her reply.....half hour later another blogger informed she had got involved in a fatal collision with a truck. This in KL.

    She had died instantly. So young too, leaving behind a devastated husband and 2 very young comment is the lat one in her blog.
    Maybe one day her children will discover her blog and all the beautiful things she posted about her children.

    Drive carefully Elaine, next time stop somewhere if searching for something. Lee.

  2. hey.. elaine..
    luckily u are alright!!
    car is "san ngoi mat" only.. can fix one!
    and it's LORRY SOME MORE.. wah..
    really need to becareful next time loh..

  3. YO! See la..dowan go home punya pasal la :p
    You know wat, when d time u called me, my parents were more kan chiong than me ar. Kept asking me got check radiator or not? Got check that part or not? And bla bla... Me myself just think to drive there to see you okay or not? VIVI get hurt is nothing to me.. luckily u're still "original" u ar :)))
    Next time, don busy SMS and chatting over the phone while driving plus prepare the coin box earlier this is what i normally do.

    The one who was with you 10mins before accident,
    YVES :p

  4. aiyooooo so bad more careful next time...think of all the expenses that comes with an accident like this which can be avoided :)

  5. aiyooo..y always so lun chun 1 you..previously in the carpark
    then now this..
    u better becrefull and think straight lei~

    glad that you are alright..your car is not bad damage..don worry..soon u will vrroom with your vivi liau

  6. glad you're fine..
    but i see Vivi like this i also sakit hati =(

  7. Uncle Lee : Thanks for your concern, and after reading the story, Thank GOD i'm safe! I will be extra careful next time. :)

    Dolly : Yes, luckily my car is moving slowly and the lorry too. I will be careful next time..T__T

    Yves : Aiiii...what dowan go back...go find u for dinner ma....Cis, you still say like this..Cis... Send my regards to your parents..I'm 200% OK! I will try to buy genuine touch&go next time.

    Manglish : Yalo..I also know...My heart and pocket very pain too......Ish Ish Ish!~

    Taufulou : Aiii~, ya, me abit lun chun~ Thats why buy extra insurance to cover lor...heheheh~ OK! I will back with my Vivi..tunggggguuu!!

    Kenwooi : Yalo, sakit hati too.....pain for few days ledi!

  8. careful next time =)