Wednesday, September 09, 2009

:: Super Rat Glue ::

Have you ever heard of Super Rat Glue? Normally, only Super Elephant Glue is sell at any stores including 7-eleven, supermarket, book store and etc.

But this is the 1st time I've encounter into super rat glue, which I used to describe the rat which was glued superly hard on the glue! hahahahaha!

The story began when mum has a plan to catch this "notti" rat who treating our kitchen as it's own playground (lingering around), treating our back room as it's toilet (shitting and peeing around), treating our kitchen like it's food storage (stealing our food) or treating our basin as it's jaccuzii bathtub (bathing in).

My mum has bought Type A (where Tom used it to catch Jerry in the cartoon) rat trap to catch him(or her). Mum has been trying for few days by putting bread on the trap hoping to "kill" him once there is a attempt to steal our food again. But, I guess the rat so experienced where he manage to eat the bread without touching or stepping the rat trap! Geng chao right?!

Type A rat trap, which failed to catch this tricky rat.

Mum started to feel ""annoyed" and "desperate", and decide to bought Rat Glue to catch him, to stick him to be specific. The smell of the glue Yucckkkk!!! damn smelly! I can even smell it upstairs (from my room). But, for the sake of catching this "notti" destroyer, no choice. Mom apply a paste of glue onto the board with few pices of plain bread as the "umpan" to lure him/her out.

At last, mum's effort was paid by being able to stick him. Me being blogger can't stand of the resistance to take out the camera and snap his/her face before his/her last breath in this world. Frankly, I got feel pity when seeing the rat stuggling to get rid of the glue on his leg/body, hoping to be rescue by someone, or hoping to be free.

But unfortunately, my mum is bukan orang sebarangan, and you will not be able to leave alive once you are in her palm! And she will use hot 200 celcius boiled water to kill him in one sort. "Less pain wor" <- as claimed by my mum everytime she became the murderer to kill the rat. So, this is end of the life of a rat in this world. *thinking, I'm a rat too, because I was born in rat year* Does that mean my mum is killing my buddies(same generation) or species? OMG!! Shall I become the rescuer to rescue him from the hell of boiling water? But, I guess it's too late as my mum has become the murderer *again* by now I guess. Farewell Mr Rat! Hopefully you can be a human on your next life so you will have the chance to kill the rat too. Goodbye! Sayonara! Amin!!!

He is struggling..hardly...

I can hear he screaming while moving around hoping to free himself. Pity him~

Last shot before he leave this world. Goodbye ratty! Be good rat on your next rat life!

P/S :
9th September 2009 - Failed to set another SUPER RAT GLUE trap, the rat became smarter rat already! WTF!!!!!


  1. Ewwww..
    Eh.. I hate the smell of that gum..
    YUCKS big time…

  2. hahahaha...finally... but i bet there is more of his leng will be coming... ask mom to set more trap! then next morning u will be c-ing entire 'trap' is full with rats!!!! wahhahahahh

  3. time pour hot water on it...eehhee....tat is wat we use to do....lok lok rat :)

  4. Thsi is a big rat!!!!

  5. "Thanks for dropping by...nice necklace.. :)"

    You are welcome :)

  6. Dolly : Heheheh, ya, the smell taste so terrible! I wonder why teh rat so stupid still go near....STUPID RAT!

    Steph : Yeay! Finally! But still got alot...we knew...coz one manage to escape from the super glue!

    Manglish : heheheh, abit chammmm la...but what to choice..this is kitaran hidup...hehhehe!

    Viya : YA! Manyak bisar punya rat!!! Like me...hehehe!

    Yatz : FFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!

    Viya : Heheheh! You're welcome...Thanks for dropping by again too..heheheh!

  7. Hey elaine, this glue n trap i use b4. My grandmother use old type trap then put under the sun. It will !@#$$%% cannot tahan the sun til @#%*& hot water n glue lor...hehe

  8. Mei : Hahahha~ Yalor, my mom used that too..But sometime, the rat so "stubborn and strong" till not dying even after 1~2 days..... So kesian to torture the rat so long, the boiling water can make "it" die faster.... We are trying to help them see... ^__^

  9. You people are fucking evil. How would you like to have boiling water poured over you?

    Just kill the damn thing instantly, don't torture it... you sick fucks.

  10. Trying to help it???!!

    By using boiling water?

    Do you have any FUCKING idea how much being burned hurts? Get some fucking morals. If you are going to kill an animal, do it with least amount of pain. Sick, disgusting..... how can you call yourselves "human" ?

  11. that is so cruel

  12. I don't see why this is so cruel. I'v had 3 rats in my house once. I killed them all and it felt good. I'm not helping a rat. What these people who are calling you crule and swaring ate you don't get is that the rat is just a pest not a pet.

  13. A rat trap is a general name for any device that is used to rid your house of an unwanted rat. There a wide variety of these traps available, including lethal and non-lethal models

  14. Feel like pouring 200 degrees hot water on you and your mom and then you will know the pain what goes through the creature you pour hot water on.. Who are you to classify who is a pest and who is a are not god..

  15. Cruel narrow minded people..You are only for time being on this earth that you people always forget. try doing something good before dying