Friday, September 25, 2009

:: She closed my eyes ::

Damn it~ This is the 1st time I having such a nightmare which caused me cried upon waking up. I had embarassed myself in front of my mom and my nephew (if he knew). I slept quite late which is around 12am yesterday night and all out of sudden..................

Flashback #1
I was in the car with Hui Juin. She want to head to somewhere (which I've forgotten by now) but not sure the road, and requested me to drive. We swicthed the place and I started to drive. My vision started to get blurred from the moment I started the engine. I barely can see the road, just feel why all out of sudden the road having such a thick fog. Yes, it was night time and just finished raining with the dampy road.

It was sooooooooooooo blur making me feel dizzy and headache while driving, but knowing Hui Juin's driving skill, I keep on driving............... No ending but switched to Flashback #2

Flashback #2
I was with Hui Juin also this time, but not in the car but sitting somewhere on the couch. She was sitting on my left hand side. I was in the middle of demonstrating something to here using a fake matches, fake the action of lighting it up like real matches. Knowing it is fake/toy, it wont produce any fire. But all out of sudden, the stick was lighten and I did not see any fire but Hui Juin screaming all over "Fire Fire!! Fire!! Throw it away Throw it away!", and tap away my finger but ended the lighten-mancis drop behind my back. Guess what, there is a baby sitting on my back on a baby-seat. And the light drop into the baby's shirt!

The mother and Hui Juin quickly somehow trying to remove the matches from the baby's shirt, and so do I, but me not seeing any light on the match wondering why they keep on saying there is a fire! After a while, they manage to remove it, and the match drop on the floor. Nothing change, the matches still there without burned stain as like it's original outlook. Still wondering why they said the matches was lighten earlier. The scene ended there ...........switched to Flashback #3

Flashback #3
I was in a hallroom with Hui Juin, together with us is a TV on our left hand...............suddenly it switch to another scene........Flashback #4

Flashback #4
I see myself in front me looking to somewhere else, and I notice "someone" standing in front of me (I mean the ME who is in front of ME......Confusing? Neh, somekind like you saw a cloned you inf front you, something like that)....

I saw "someone" or "something" standing in front of me raising her left hand, using her palm covering my eyes. And I did not notice it at all, but just continue to look in front of me. At the same time, she was fiercely using her red+green colored eyes to look straight to me (I mean the me who is watching them)........THAT'S THE REASON WHY I HAD BLURRED VISION AND CANNOT SEE THE FIRE EARLIER!

I really can see her face clearly. She had a very long black hair, withlong white dress (just like in the movie) and pale face!!!! WTF!!!!!!

Then it flashed back to Flashback #3....

Where both Hui Juin and I continue to watch the TV and all of out sudden, "she" flies out from the TV in a bullet speed towards us! To be more specific towards me! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

She look something like that =____="

I was shocked and my mind immediately awake (and I think I did screamt out). My mind was 100% conscious, but I just don't dare to open my eyes. I want to scream for help, but knowing it's still midnight, I put up my courage with eyes which is still closing run towards my door and open it. I ran to my parent's room, and jump to my mom who is sleeping soundly in her room.

I ran to hug my mom anxiously, and mom who is in 1/4 awake mode, shocked and asked

Mom : "Why why why ?!!!"
Elaine : *sob sob* "I had a nightmare!!" *continue sob sob* DAMN! me who is 25 yrs old crying in the middle of midnight like 3 years kid!
Mom : "It's ok, it's ok" *Tapping my shoulder* Damn again! Acting like 3 months baby who need baby-sitter to tap my shoulder!

And my heart beat increase like 39405834785.092382089374 times faster than usual! And I can't close my eyes because I will imagining the "something" closing my eyes. I can't open my eyes neither because worried the "something" appear to in front of my eyesight!

So, I was so lost, don't know what to do because my mom tap my should for few minutes only and she continue to sleep after that.=_______="

I struggle alone for at least 15 minutes lying on my mom's bed. After a while, my heart beat started to slow down, and my mind started to think rationally knowing it was just a dream, a stupid not-logical dream.

How come I can see others (I mean human) when the "something" closed my eyes? Right?
How come I manage to see things when the "something" closed my eyes? Right?
I should'nt see Hui Juin neither if the "something" closed my eyes? Right?

Ok ok, I gather my courage and walk back to my room alone, with slower rate of heart beat 34785.0923 times and switched on the light, then continue my sleep with me covered 100% below my blanket.

P/S: Mom, Thanks for tapping my shoulder for few minutes LOL!
P/S/S : Mom, please don't share it to Kah Hoe (my nephew), because later he will laugh at me for the rest of my life. WTF!!
P/S/S/S : Not sure why Hui Juin appear to be in every flashback. =_=" Anyway, thanks for being there! WTF! hahhahahah!

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  1. fuck!!!!
    i not yet read.. just simply scroll down then see your ghost pic..
    my heart jumped 2 beats!!!!!

  2. are you under stress or not? dreams are outlet for some deeply hidden emotions leh...when u r awake har u suppress it then wen u sleep, they come out lor and it always mixes what you saw a few days earlier or hours earlier into the dream or even a mere thought leh....quick tell....hahaha :)

  3. oh manglish.. i know.. maybe I was the "it" that close her eye this few days asking her not to see/feel/think of certain things... hahaha... tsl, maybe that's why I was in all the scene...


  4. GOD!!! THIS IS SO CREEPY! I would have cried if I were having this dream.. GOD!! Then I was all alone, impossible for me to knock my boss’s room and hug her right.. =_____________=”
    Then everyone in the room LOCKED their door… GOD!
    Having goose bump all over now…

    Eh.. I also ever dreamt about something then cried and ran to my mum there, if not mistaken, I was still in kindergarten something..
    I dreamt about a frog is eating my foot… then my parents were laughing, switched on the light to show me there weren’t any frog.

  5. Hahaha.. Dolly ur dream was so funny... Maybe you wish you were insect back then.. so u had a dream that the frog is eating u... @.@

  6. Flashback #2 is quite scary coz of the lit match in the baby's shirt. Ish. If that had happened in real life, I can't imagine what the mother would say. :)

    The one where you see yourself I've had that a lot of times, don't know what it means too, but in mine it's always my clone who's in a lot of trouble and asking me to help.

    You're having a lot of wierd and scary nightmares. ;)

    Don't worry about it though, it's just the mind processing the events of the day. Cheers!

  7. nightmares is scary.... this shows ur brain is overworked during the day... think too much! heheheheh

  8. Dolly : heheheh~ Soli...but that's the closest picture that I can find in google....CLosest to the face that I've met...eeeee..

    Manglish : CHoiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Grrrrr...Nola...I did not SEE any of them..... But, emotion not very sstable this few days..maybe that's the ffect maybe?

    HJ : HAHAHHAHAH! WTF!! Nola...u are much more prettier than "her"! LOL!

    Donna : Creepy hor.....*still shivering till now* HAHAHH! Ur dream so funny leh! So did you wake upo with one toe hilang bitten by the frog?

    HJ : Maybe...Donna the FROGGIE??? hahahha!

    Huai Bin : Thanks, dude! *praying kuat kuat now*

    Stephanie : Hmmmmm....maybe..I should rest my mind....*zoooommmm to go buy ice cream! * heheheh!

    Taufulou : Fuyoooohhhh!!!!

  9. oh my, so scary looking. i woke up crying before but not for the scary dream but some touching dream. haha.

    From me to you, suejean =)