Monday, September 14, 2009

:: Rat + Novel + Me = ???? ::

Continue with the “Rat catching Mission” at our house with my mom as the agent 008. Mom suspected there are still a lot of rat-king “followers” despite of the dying of the king last weekend.

Agent 008 attempts to try again by putting the bloody smelly and sticky rat glue with the chicken bone hopefully being able to trick the stupid buffalo rats again. Unfortunately, the attempts failed, thinking that maybe the followers knows how the king of the rat died in horrified, so they had increasing their security wall and broadcast out the warning :

“WARNING!!! To my all rat buddies, please be reminded to stay away from any gray alike liquid. Don’t move any steps closer you will end like how our King Rat died the other day!” – said the leader.

“YES SIR!!!” – said other followers.

Knowing that, this agent 008 changed her strategy and uses the rat cage this time! What a creative and brilliant agent *tapping mom’s shoulder*

Finally, the mission success again by successfully catches another follower of rat “puak”. Jeng Jeng Jeng! Another hot-water boiling mission to end the rat’s life dated on 14th September 2009.


Rat : Die me la this time! Die ledi la! Sighhhh~ TOLONG AH!!

I have good news to be share with you all! Are you ready? Are you sure you are ready? Are you sure you are ready to sure that you are ready? WTF! Ok ok….

I want to tell you guys that now I started to fall in love in reading novel. I mean really those novels with ONLY words without photo/scratching/images! WTF! I use to hate those fiction novels, especially those with few hundreds of pages with few thousands/millions of words. I always wondering why spend our specious time and our eye’s effort in reading those words, reading those stupid love horror novels where we can use to do something else.

I used to fall asleep when I flipped thru few pages and the book was left on the bed or dropping under the bed.

But I found myself start loving in reading the book before going to sleep. Thanks Hui Juin for borrowing me this love-fiction novel titled “P.S I Love You” to kill my free time.

This story is about a woman, named Holly who lost her husband who had brain tumor. Struggling to continue her life without her beloved husband, found herself struggling a lot to be herself alone. She felt so reluctant to meet with her family, with her friends, reluctant to eat memorizing her husband all the time, feeling lost without her husband.

However, she started to re-arrange her life once she found out her husband left a bunch of letters written before his last breath. The letters was meant to be open every month with month indicator on each envelope. The letter ended with “P.S : I love you”.

I’m still reading this, moving towards on how she gained back her life and gain the courage to fall in love again. It make me think how would I react if I were Holly who lost her beloved and need to leave alone in the big house without someone to responsible in taking care of me, without someone to care about me, without someone who fight with me and so on.

It makes me think that I shall be grateful that I’m still having him with me now, even though we always ended our days with arguments. At least I still have him side by side with me now instead both of us in separate world and heaven. I shall try to be grateful by making our days together as colorful and as happy as possible instead of spending the time mouth fighting with each other. I will try my best, B….

Ok ok, back to blog. So, I’ve gained my interest in reading novel and I’m looking forward to look for any other interesting novel to read. Drop me suggestion if you have one in mind ok? Arigatoh!

Last but not least, the quiz for the day in guessing where I took this picture. I found it funny if you ever found out the actual answer. Let’s see if you knew me well…. ^__^

Jeng Jeng Jeng~

1st guess (from my future colleague) : Taken in a toilet with seat toilet bowl <-- LOL!!
2nd guess (from Eric Lee) : Taken in a public toilet another <-- LOL!! Why everyone guess i'm in a toilet? It looks like a toilet??? Or I looks like shitting/peeing? @__@

Opssss…..My latest camwhored photo. How do I look with this hair style? Some of them said I looks OLD and some of them said very TRENDY and some of them remain SILENT……Me myself think this hair style if very easy to style which save a lot of my straightening and blowing hair time. What you think?

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  1. my dad used to catch rat at his shop.. he use the gum thingy.. lol..
    and you hair.. i voted! =D

  2. hi..dropping by from the way u tell the rat tales..haha and that pic you took got to be taken in a public toilet.correct me if i'm wrong

  3. thanks from commenting..the reason i guess is public toilet becoz the ventilation hole there and the brick like walls..haha

  4. psst...
    i not even finish the book Polly lend me few months ago...

  5. gee....rat!!! i saw many of them in pasar >< yeah i sell veggie at the wet market...

    novel? i dont read but always wanna read...just i still cant pick up the habbit ><

    you? yeah a normal girl...

  6. so weird one the combination of this post hahaha.....u like funny novels? should read abt candace bushnell or the one who wrote tat confession of shopoholic......and btw ur last pic...ur face looks long leh like a horse hahaha....kidding :)

  7. Kenwooi : Got your voted Thanks! ya, this gummy things very geng chao!

    Eric Lee : Opssss.....You got potential to become C.S.I agent, replacing those in CSI Miami and New York.. :)

    Dolly : Oh, what novel is that? Love story also? I love love novel~

    Fufu : =__=" "Normal girl"...errr.what it meant ah? Cannot lie say I'm cute meh? WTF!

    Manglish : HORSE????? LOL! *scroll up and see* Ok, got little bit like horse! Hahahahah!

  8. hahahha the pretty kind of horse lor hheeh with colors all over :)

  9. new hair style loh..
    try to tie a karippop look up there..heheh
    maybe looks better

  10. Hi Elaine, wow! You have king rats? Yes, better get rid of them fast. You got no cats?
    Reading is good, keep it up. Lots of good books around.
    Best wishes, Lee.

  11. Manglish : Pretty kind of horse with colors? Wah! Ma like.......mutan-ed horse????? @__@

    Taufulou : Ok, let me find the stall which sell karipap first....then i'll stick the karipap on top of my head~ WTF!!

    Uncle Lee : Yeay! I believe still alot of his followers and not to forget the queen too! *which is male which is female???*