Friday, September 25, 2009

:: Sayonara, Soon Khai::

It's time for another farewell after Kah Wai. This guy, SoonKhai just joined our team for less than 2 months and now he's off-loading from Spansion IT board again. He quit for a better job oppurtunity, possibility of being boss. So, no one dare to ask him to stay. Hahahahahah!

We went to nearest place for our lunch, as usual we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid which is 15~20 minutes from Spansion. Fast and easy~

Originally, we plan to go Kim Gary, mana tau we need to wait at least 10~15 minutes to be seated [so PA KIU BEI!!], so we decided to switch to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng which is located few minutes walks away from Kim Gary.

They think only Kim Gary had Yin Yang tea? They think only Kim Gary had cheese-baked rice? *showing beh-song face hmmppppppp!!* LOL!

Ok, then we seated out butts on Wong Kok Char Chan Teng's chairs. And started to order. One strange thing is happening is the staffs working there are so weird. They keep on passing us the menu which is not valid for the time we were there.

Eg: Menu for breakfast which only valid from 8am~ 11am =__="
Eg: Menu for tea-time which only valid from 3:30pm onwards =__="
Eg: Explaining some discount dishes which suitable for large group peoples, but not valid for the time we were there. =__="

So stupid right... WTF! I almost feel want to punch them using my small but POWERFUL punch! Or kick them using my short but GENG CHAO leg! =___="

Phewwwww!! Ok, back to the farewell. The set lunch I think very worth to take. It consists of one main dish, one soup, one drink, and one fruit platter, and the price ranges from RM9.90 onwards. See!! So, being me (abit kiam, even though not me paying) I ordered the RM11.90 set lunch which consists of Mee+chicken, Brokosh Soup, Tea Ice and Fruit. Yummyyyy!

Okla.....let's picture do the talking..... OK, Picture your mouth... *I think I got mental problem* Please bear with me! :)

The menu for the day

The set lunch for the day

Soon Khai (the hero) and Micheal (my supervisor)

That is the guy who played us like 3 years old kid! Telling us all the promotions/discount which is not valid! WTF!!! Fire him la Boss!

Me me me!

Them them them!

Hahahah! The gay leh~ *shivering!*

Nothing to say...

Our table 13!

The "socks" tea!

The fruit platter!

The brokosh soup!


My set..looks ok right? Yummmyy! But I eat only half of mee, half of meat.....I donated them to Micheal and Soon Khai !


Shirrene, another colleague of mine (She's chinese, she's thai, she's Siamese!) Terror leh!

The tiny mini girl, Yen Nee!

Cute act!

Us! before leaving! CHAKKKK! SMILE!!!

Cute act from us! =___="

SAYONARA and GOOD LUCK Soon Khai!! Thanks for your lunch and do remember us ok!

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  1. ohhh all the best to him lar...always good to be ur own boss.....hardwork but very rewarding...btw the hokkien mee so dry one..delicious meh?

  2. bye bye to your fren. really must fire the person who gave wrong info. haha.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  3. You went Wong Kok instead of Kim Gary? I don't know, but I think Wong Kok is a horrible restaurant. The food sucks big time like cooked by people who don't know how to cook! I'll never step into WOng Kok again! : )

  4. all the best to his future undertakings..

  5. Manglish : Yeap! Sigh~ When I can be my ownboss! and stay "ngan ngan kiok" at home!

    SJ : Hehehehe~ Yala! Sure I will fire HIm if i were the boss!

    Foongpc : Hmmmmm.......Kim gary very packed ler....But overall, Wong Kok taste bad too (according to others review)

    Wenn : Yeap! *shouting Soon Khai* OIIII!!! All the best eh!!!!!!!! LOL!