Wednesday, September 16, 2009

:: I used too ........ ::

Jeng jeng jeng~ Presenting 1996 SMKS24 FormStandard 6 prefect! Spot where am i! Jeng Jeng Jeng!
Hint : I'm standing 45 degrees, and at a position very closely to soneone with tudung! LOL!
Answer : I'm 7th one from right on 2nd row from bottom.

Standard 6 class too! Where am I??? I'm very outstanding me spot me!
Hint : This time I stand firmly facing in front...With obvious one big one small eye! WTF!
Answer : I'm the 6th one from left on 3rd row from bottom.

Found these old photos of “us” during primary school ; Us = me and my primary school schoolmates. No doubt Facebook is a very powerful community host where I manage to contact back with almost all of them who were in the photos, thanks to tagging utility in Facebook.

By seeing these photos, it reminds me to a lot of primary school memories (even though not a lot due to my low memory storage, only 512MB and it almost runs out of space by now at age 25!WTF! So anyone willing to spare little bit of memory to me, so I can’t have bigger storage?)

I used to be the class monitor/vice-monitor or at least the committee some job in the class such as be the one whom responsible in sweeping the floor (Ahli Jawatankuasa Kebersihan). Always ended with me alone sweeping the floor instead of ordering people to clean the floor! LOL~

I used to be the prefect for 3 years since standard 3. I remember I had the mindset to be prefect so I can easily bully people when wearing the blue outfits! You know la, if you want to own the world, you must be the master! Just like if you want to get more money to become rich, go be Malaysia Policemen/women, so you can get “duit kopi” whenever you feel you want to. Rich isn’t it? Money that will not be finished spending. LOL!

I used to admire (secretly) a Malay boy because I mingle with Malays a lot and moreover, it’s kebangsaan primary school. Not only 1..2….but more than that. Fuyyoohhh~ “Fat hiao” at such a young age, right? The one that I remember the most is when I admire a standard 6 senior when I’m standard 5, Mr H*. Unfortunately, rumors saying he admire (secretly) my older sister, May. That Malay boy is the son of our headmaster and he’s cute too. *blushing blushing* I remember I used to peep/stalk at him while passing his class or while having his lunch at the open-air canteen. You want to know the ending? Me with Leong now, May with her husband now, Mr H with somebody somewhere out there. WTF!!

I used to be the person who stand in front of Monday’s morning “perhimpunan” and be the lead to read the “Rukun Negara” with all the students following after me. Ba pei leh~ HAHAHAHAH!

Elaine : Angkat tangan *everybody following*
Elaine : "Kepercayaan kepada tuhan...."
All students : "Kepercayaan kepada tuhan...."
Elaine : "bla bla bla...."
All students : "bla bla bla"

I used to be outstanding student during my primary school. I participate actively in sports such as netball. I also representing school in story-telling competition and I got famous because of that. Why? Because the teacher always ask me to perform in front of the students gathering during the Monday “perhimpunan” WTF! Recalling back, I was acting so stupid in front of people where I need to wear stupid “Labah-labah (spider)” costume and be the clown to make people happy. Oh, for your information the title of the story is “Labah-labah yang bodoh”. Too bad I can’t find any picture of me with that costume, but I’m willing to paint it out for better illustration. You can imagine me, with 2 pillows (one on top, and on below) and with 6 sticks of harden carboard dangling on my side body. =____=”

Please believe me, I really wearing D.I.Y customize spider costume....

I used to join a lot of singing competitions which I’ve blogged earlier and I guess that’s how my talent in dancing (now in disco or during clubbing WTFFF!!) was developed! LOL!!

Me in yelllow costume! Cute leh~

I used to be librarian too (thanks to Fufu for reminding). People said you become librarian because you like to read book. Huh? WTF! I hate reading books wor, I became librarian for the sake of getting the librarian tag! Kekekekekek!

I guess that’s what I can squeeze from my 512MB memory. It’s really fun to recall back the memories, and I wish the time can turns back to that era where my mind still full with kids enjoyments, own full of freedom to do whatever we want (which does not involve money), with all the puppy loves and so on.

How about you? Which is your best and happiest era of times? During your primary school as well?

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  1. Very interesting... I used to be a prefect too... and I mingle alot with Malays students too during my school years... ^-^

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting :).

  2. aiya... not form 6 la...should be standard 6... i was like WTF you stpm guys look so young!! upsr is standard 6.... =.="

    well i was a librarian

  3. hahah you are no 7 from the right on second row in the 1st pic, rite? i oso mixed wif malays a lot since secondary sch and in the uni...:) got prize or not if i guess correctly?

  4. Ladyviral : Thanks for dropping back too~ heheheh!

    Fufu : WTF! Yes, ur right....typo error! But Form 6 cannot look so young ke meh??? LOL!

    manglish : Yehhhhhhhh~ *tapping your shoulder* why you know wan....Ur right, That's ME!!! hehehehe!

  5. dont just say right right prize leh? hahah :) you know why i know ar? bcs u oredi have the tahi ayam green since then AHAHAHAHAHAH :) kiddingggggggggggggggggg :)

  6. Haha! I don't know why but sons of the headmasters are always popular with the girls. :p

    My dad used to be the principal of my high school too. ;)

  7. nice outfit-last pic! so colorful! =)

  8. outstanding la..never mind..lucky i more geng than you..hohoho :P

  9. Manglish : hehehe~ problem *GOOD!* <-- nah! This good word for you..heheheh!

    Huai Bin : Coz they are the son of the headmaster lo..LOL! So, you're trying to say you are popular too? WTF!!!

    SJ : Hehehehe~ D.I.Y one u know~ geng chao leh~

    Yatz : Chey~ *eye02* How outstanding are you? show me the power, dude!! Hahahah!

  10. yea..real nice to recall the past..

  11. aiyoooo....u so ngeow one ar...tot maybe a free meal..oh ok lar.... a free drink wen i back to KL again.....YAWN!!!!......hahahaha :)

  12. As I mentioned in a another blog, the comment would be relevant for this post too.

    I have now officially passed the age where I can start looking back at dated photos and go, those were the days! :-D

  13. wahh..u like never change..once see spottedl iau!

  14. I used to be librarian too!! ^-^
    I used to be vice president in forgot what club already..
    besides that, I used to be nothing in school..

  15. Wenn : Yeap, nice to's sweet too~ waakakak~ I mean when thinking of my secret admire....wahahah!

    Manglish : Aiyoyoyo, thats call KIAM siap~ HAHAHA! A drink ah..ok la...a up of DIAMOND Sky Juice...

    Taufulou : Cis~ No change meh? I got grow taller ok! WTF!

    Dolly : YEhhhh!! Why everybody used to be librarian too?!! Yehhh!!!!! again~ LOL!