Saturday, September 26, 2009

::Errily Ghost Bus ::

Check this out guys! This is a true story of a guy who bumped into "Ghost story"!! Trust me, you will be shocked!! Trust me, scroll down to read!

"Brian loves to go out at night but during the 7th month of the lunar calender, he would automatically reach home before dark falls. That unfortunate night, he had to work late and co-incidentally it was the 14th of the month. It was the day that was believed to be the most darkest day of any of the days in the 7th month. Brian absorbed in his work, totally forgot about that day until about 10pm his colleague that was about to leave for home reminded him.

Nervously looking at his watch, Brian quickly finished up the remaining of his work and packed home. By the time Brian reached the bus stop, it was already 11pm. Brian kept on looking at his watch off and on as the clock ticked closer to 12 midnight. While wondering why it took so long for the bus to reach, he suddenly looked up and saw a bus approaching. Because he was so afraid of meeting up with ghost or spirits, he hopped on the bus without a second thought.

As he jumped onto the slowing approaching bus, he wondered why the bus was moving slowly. Never mind that, he was puzzled by the empty seats on the bus. Perhaps it was late, he thought but as that thought disappeared he felt eerily uncomfortable and decided to look for the bus driver instead. As he peered to the driver seat from behind, he was shocked that there was no driver at the driver’s seat! Fear took over him and immediately he hopped off the slowly moving bus. You see, at that time, the bus was moving up hill and Brian jumping off the bus, slipped and ended up rolling back hill.

To his surprise, he heard a voice, “Hey man! Are you playing games hopping on and off the bus? Come and help us push the bus!”. Its no wonder that the bus was moving slowly. Its because the passangers and bus driver was pushing the broke down bus from behind! "

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  1. cheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy WTF!!!! hahahahahahaha......this one deserves a knuckle on ur head ar....

  2. Hi Elaine, ha ha....I bet he must have laughed with relief.
    No joke pushing a bus.
    You having fun with the Mooncake festival?
    Best regards, Lee.

  3. nice story..a little scary..

  4. cehh.. honestly i got goosebumps while reading..
    i takut wan.. =P

  5. my hairs on skin are attracted to the atmosphere!

    From me to you, suejean =)

  6. =.="
    ceh... eh is this the same email u sent us ar?
    i haven't read the email one yet, coz busy.. hehehehe...

  7. manglish : Heheheheh!! dont "F" me la...eheheh~ Great story right.... :p

    Uncle Lee : Yes, I laugh while reading too! heheheheh!

    Wenn : Little scary in the beginning, bu i laugh like hell at the end...HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

    SJ : Wakakakakaka!!! But, it was a funny one...

    Donna : Yeap, the same...........So, you can delete the read it here ledi...

  8. hahhah no lar u r too "sui" to do tat to you...hehehe...

  9. ceh!~ i thought what pulak!
    creepy in the middle damm funny at the back~

  10. Manglish : I know you wont be so sui to me one..hehehehhe!

    Taufulou : heheheh1 Suprise! Damn funny oh..I can imagine how that guy jump off from the bus, and roll =__="