Tuesday, September 08, 2009

:: I'm in NEW ICON magazine ::

All of out of sudden, one of my blogger friend IM (instant messenger) me and says :

EricYoong : Your picture is in NewIcon Man magazine!
Elaine : Huh? What? Which magazine? Where? Which picture? *anxiously*

After further clarification and help from Eric, then only realized it was the photo taken by one of "mystery" photographer during Nuffnang Tiger Party at HQNine. I bet the person who tool that picture is one of the photographer from NewIcon magazine to follow up the Nuffnang event. Courtesy of Eric for transfering the softcopy of the magazine page to me.

Suprisingly, they had choose our photo from other photos (which I think much way better than ours). Suprisingly, Hui Juin and I doesn't look fat or FUGLY at all in that picture. I guess they had photoshop it before publishing it. :)

And officially, now I can say "yee~ haaaaa!!!!! I'm IN MAGAZINE"! Please buy the magazine to support me (virtually) even though I will not get even a penny on the profits for sales of the magazine. WTF!!! And let me know when get to know where I can buy this magazine, because I yet to manage to find this magazine.

There is only one Malay Bookstore located nearby my house. WTF! And they only selling "malay buku lucah"! LOL!

I realized we are taking picture with Rin (http://www.cheeserland.com/) who is a famous celebrity blogger. So *thinking* maybe our photo was picked mainly because Rin is in the picture, and not because of us!!!!

Anyway, doesn't care it's because of who, I was in the magazine page, colour page some more!! wakakakak! Congratulate me, faster faster!!! And I think the magazine should pay me like loyalty or publishment fees for using my photos right??? Right???

The magazine retail price is RM10, since I only utilize 1/3 of 100++ pages, so I should be getting minimum of 0.01% from each magazine sold. If they are selling 1000 copies all around the world, then I should be paid with RM100, and more if they sell more! SHIT! Where can I get the New icon office number!

Worst to worst, if they refused to pay me loyalty fees, I can appeal to court to sue them right, maybe I'll get more! HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

Daniel WU so handsome and cool! I lurve him!!!

Me me~ How do I look ? Wakakakakaak!!

P/S : I'm at page 103! Look for me there! ^_^


  1. oh.. is here rupa rupanya.. =.="

  2. wah Elaine .... my name also appear on your blog liao, you can get the magazine at the "myNEWS.com" book store which located inside many shopping mall. Of course you are the prettiest among the 4 ........ hurry say thank you to me coz i'm your 1st supporter to buy the magazine. hahahahahaahahaha ......

  3. I wonder is that Ching at the left hand side (beside Rin)?

  4. wahah..i was cutting my hair yesterday and siddenly saw your columm and could not believe it..then now..jeng jeng jeng..u seriously in there..:p

  5. Dolly : Yes it is here la.. =__="

    Ericyoong : Yeap, ur BIG name is here! My friend bought it for me ledi..THANK YOU !!!! For being the 1st supportter! wakakaka!

    Viya : Errr...not sure ler, coz Rin brought her...I dont remember her name ledi..

    Taufulou : Hahaha, such a small column..you can recognize me meh? Very smallllllllllllllllll only wor...