Monday, September 28, 2009

:: SMKS24 BBQ @ Bandar Puteri ::

BBQ = Barbeque = BABI-QUE = Queing pig, something that all of us dying to have since long long time ago. At last, our wish comes true when all of us started to plan a week before our actual BBQ day. Yeay!

We have a long list on what to buy for our BBQ's ingredients, and these includes Chicken Wings, Fish, Marshmallow, Meat Balls, and so on so on. It's another SMKS24 gathering after our latest birthday celebration last 2 months. This event takes place at Yves's house which was located at Bandar Puteri, Klang. Originally, there will be 15 peoples in our list which include some of of our ex-secondary schoolmate.

Facebook event invitation has been sent out [ Pro leh!!!], mail has been sent out and it's time to prepare for the big day~ We meet up 8:30am in the morning for our early pasar session at nearby market.

We went to buy wet ingredients which includes Chicken Wing, Squid, Fish, Pork and some pork meatballs too. We, 4 SMSK24 "school-flower" attack the market, the seller to be specific in the hope to get discounted price for our foods.

Guess what, we manage to bargain for cheaper price. And suprisingly they give us RM0.50~ RM1.00 discount! WTF!! Our "cat face" only worth RM0.50 ~ RM1.00! LOL!

So, we giving up using our "natural beauty" to succeed the vege/meat seller, but to use our eyes to pick fresh seafood and meats. Brilliant right? Heheheheh!

We used almost RM100 to get foods and some vegetables only in the 1st session of market attack, and we still have 2nd session to attack Tesco to get other ingredients. OMG! I'm not sure how much the ending cost will be! Heheheheh!

Finished with the morning market session, it's time to prepare the food for the night session. This means all the housework which I rarely do at home. What? Washing/Cleaning the chicken wings, plucking the chicken's bulu, cleaning the chicken's wing pore, WTF!, peeling off the onion, washing the squids, all involving washing and peeling.

Last but not least, include washing the floors too!! LOL! I bet Yves should pay us for helping her to clean her floor, right rigth? Heheheheheh!

I "cakap so panjang lebar", you guys know what, I did not get the chance to enjoy the food I bought, because I have "something" to do at night. I only manage to contribute to accompany and fetch them to market in the morning. Damn!

Choosing the squids.....eeeee..So geli~

"Modern Auntie" picking the chicken wings...
She says : "Ini..itu.....that one....that one alot of bulu..cannot" Hahahhahah!

The "ikan kembung"..SF expensive leh!

We bought "ikan pari" too......Thanks to Michelle being able to lure that guy to cut us middle part....from a new big one..

I said : "You see the chicken wing!!!"
The auntie selling said : "This budak, gila"

Wow! Fresh carrot!!

Me buying errrrr...sausage???? Nope, we got the pork meatball here!

And we went to eat dim sum as our breakfast!

We reward ourselves with RM10 roasted pork too!


It's time to clean all the stuff we bought!!

And chop chop chop chop!!!!

Not to forget, Yves plucking the pandan leaves...

Lastly, the cleaning being the maids to clean the floor! Phewwwww!! How's my pose holding the broom and the pipe?? Cool or not? WTF!!!

I only can use my eyes to enjoy their BBQ's stuff, but cannot smell, eat or sniff it! WTF!!! I hate this~ Please don't share thse photos to me eh, this is so torturing, man! However, I think I still have the mood to post them out for the sharing purpose.

And I will remove it in a day or two, so I won't be jeles'ing here why I can't join them for actuall BBQ! Cis ~ Cis again~
I hope we can organize another BBQ session and I will make sure I can join, I can BBQ, I can grill, I can camwhore with the grilled chicken wing!! CIS!!!!! again~

Ok, let's the picture do the talking, coz my saliva is drolling seeing all the grilled foods on the table and on their hand! *slurrrrppppp*

Wow! Can you see all of themmmmmmmmmmm~ Wah liao eh!

The group for the night....

The superman for the night =__=", where is outside underwear, Superman???

Demonstrating "How to hold chicken wing"!

Chew's family joining too :)

Cute act , demonstrating how to hold marshmallow! LOL!

Group photo...I should be one of them....sighhhH~

Yes, i see it, Khj! 2 chicken wings~ =_="Don't tempt me anymore!!!

Posing gals!! Pose!!

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  1. hahahaah so fun...but after tat ppl got lao sai or not eat wat u prepare...hahaah :p time invite me hor :)

  2. Din lausai... taste very good too especially the sotong and the pork strip! and the meat ball... and the chic wing too and the kuah that mp made!!! hahhaha.. sorry dont meant to tempt u, but really nice....

    we can arrange 1 more for the mid-autum festival ma!!! at ur house ok ar? hahahaha cos CSP already surrender white flag....

  3. Wow! the details of the process of organizing a BBQ event! Good job! Now where is my share? :D

  4. wow..barbecue is fun..

  5. damn i see my favourite carrots and roasted pork =p

  6. Manglish : I duno wor...coz I din eat =__=", but I think they din lao sai la...coz, I got wash myhand after go toilet....opssss......

    HJ : Shit you la.....make me drooling again~ Cis~ I SWEAR TO GOD, TO TABLE, TO LAMP, I will join next time! Finish all the chicken wings!

    LadyVIral : Thanks! Your share? Errrrr........Heheheheh! You join us next time? :p

    Wenn : Yeap! More fun is no need to go thru the hassle preparing it.. LOL!

    Fufu : U like carrots? No wonder u look like one..hahahah! The roasted pork! Yummyyyyyy too!! I like it too ! Heheheh!

  7. hahah.. fyi.. no one got lao sai..!!
    and it was fun..!! elaine u wasted la...but anyway still got chance...!!

    sp..hj .. we should send the left over chicken wing to elaine la...!! hahah

  8. syoknyer~
    didnt invite pun!
    ceh~ :p

  9. Of course la! CSP marinated chicken wings and pork strip one ler! sure finger lickin good la, wtf! Hahaha.
    Yeah~ thanks for all the CLEANING process else i really DIE la :P
    Yeah, KHJ, tahu cakap only! Go and organize for the coming mid autumn la. itu FMP keep asking where to go and what to do ler??!! I dunno how to answer coz definitely not my house this time :P
    TSL, i already recording down what you type here: Cis~ I SWEAR TO GOD, TO TABLE, TO LAMP, I will join next time! Finish all the chicken wings. Tell u what, average we had 3 wings each person. Total left over was about 10 wings. LOL if u reli can finish all then i bet u sure can't walk home ledi. Hahahaha


  10. clever people will only attend BBQ invitations but will never organise or host a single one - like me!! hahaha :p

  11. Taufulou : Heheheheh~ Don't ceh me time ok....COz i also din join for the BBQ....

    Teru : Ok ok, ur the BEST!! Ur marinated chicken and pork is the best! * big applause to you* Hmmmmmm....ok, I take back my word... I should say "I will join, but no neccessary finish the chicken wing"

    SK : Hahahaha! Wow, that's brilliant leh!! I should follow your foot step!

  12. The after effects of BBQ is terrible. My mum will never allows me to host a BBQ at my house.
    But I guess you guys all enjoyed the BBQ very much! Such a long time I didn't have fun in BBQ already.

  13. Superman : Hahahhaah~ Ya I agreed. So guys, my house is not available for BBQ!! Wakakakakak! Opssss!!