Thursday, September 03, 2009

:: Goodbye Spansion ::

At last, I decided to leave Spansion despite of complaining and struggling for like at least a year saying “I’m lost, I’m sien, I’m boring, I got nothing to do, I cannot learn things, and so on so on so on so on so on”

My feeling is mixing now, both happy and worry. I’m happy being able to step out of my comfort zone where I used to get to enjoy a lot of good facilities such as Spansion’s cheap-priced cafeteria, free-meal, free-parking, company’s notebook, my spacious cubicles, cheap breakfast, and cheap ice-cream. You know la, not easy for someone who drives Mercedes all the while is asked to drive Kancil/Viva.

I don’t mean I’m downgrading myself, but I’m trying something new something different. I’m joining different industry, from user-type to vendor type. I will be involving 100% in programming and coding, which I *think* something that I’m looking for. I feel boring here supporting to user, without achieving something that can make me proud. I feel my skills in programming are decreasing tremendously here due to my support job. In conjunction with that, nothing here to force myself to go and learn or to explore. I just remain static; remain stupid there without thinking how should I improve. I feel so hated to go to work, not sure because I got tans of work, because of the salary, because of the job scope here or because I just want to get my ass out of here.

My 1st job (after graduate from Degree) with Spansion gave me quite a good benefits such as free-lunch-meal everyday, free-parking, near office location and I also given with petrol allowances makes I feel so reluctant to find another job, despite of not a high basic salary. I know I can continue to live in average life with average income if to remain with Spansion. But for sure my programming knowledge and skills will become below average or maybe close to poor since no motivation or need for me to do so here.

Hui Juin (my colleague) and I always discussing whether we should leave or we should stay with Spansion.

Courtesy of Hui Juin

Points to stay with Spansion

1. Because we will get free-lunch
2. Because we will do not pay SF expensive parking fees
3. Because Spansion is big.
4. Because we are not under-paid.
5. Because we do not need to pay toll to go to work
6. Because the parking is big
7. Because I can blog while working
8. Because I have a cute friend working with me and IM with me and go everywhere with me (even to toilet) <-- quoted by Hui Juin herself *sweat*
9. Because Spansion has it’s own mini-gym
10. Because the medical/hospitalization fee is cover
11. Because I have my own big cubicle
12. Because I have my own phone on my table (a phone which only can be used to call Spansioners, not to external call)

Points to leave with Spansion

1. Working for 2 years in same company looking at the same person and same thing is freaking boring
2. Because Spansion is boring
3. Because I feel like being a typical malay-factory worker.
4. Because I lose my confident in coding the longer I stay here
5. Because Spansion going to bankrupt (rumors)
6. Because no increment
7. Because maximum only with 1 month bonus (too little)
8. Because work in Spansion no freedom, lunch need to eat inside
9. Because working here is not flexible, else our attendance allowances will “terbakar’ means BURN!
10. Because Spansion toilet got no consistent toilet paper supply

However, my decision is not mainly because of points as above. There is a lot of area to consider, a lot of issues to be taken care of. However, everything will be over soon. I will soon leave Spansion, join another company and start my new life very soon.

I might work happily there, learning what I want to learn, earning what I want to earn but at the same time, I might not get anything else better than Spansion. No one knows *yet*! But I agreed when Hui Juin quoted this “If you stay, you will be 100% not happy. If you leave, you will at least have 50% chances to become more happy”.

So, I tender my resignation letter yesterday officially on 2nd September 2009, and I will officially leave my spacious cubicle on 2nd November 2009. The countdown starting now…Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock!!!!


  1. 2 months notice ar..
    Points to stay with Spansion
    add another one.. =.=
    can email dolly, molly!!! ALL THE TIME!!!

  2. it's good to hear that you have decided to move on to another stage, actually that time i was "forced" to leave spansion that time i also feel very sad, because is not me want to go from there. spansion produres a lot of friendly and fun staffs.

  3. good luck good luck :) it is a stress when making the leap but keep ur faith and u will do fine :) all the best :)

  4. heee...its great to see you jumping, at least towards the area you are interested in~
    of course all the best to you and hope you get a great boss and colleague?

    new company where?mid valley?

  5. Dolly : ya lor, 2 months..SF long~ I can email you guys when I'm with new company ma...

    Ericyoong : Hmmmm, Thanks....Hopefully I'm moving to a higher stage! Hmmmm, same to me.. feeel missing all the colleague here!

    manglish : Thanks! *cross finger* Hopefully I can make it!

    Taufulou : Nola....Not midvalley, PJ....i bet you ar working at Mid Valley leh~ hehehehe~ Eh, PJ is near to Mid Valley too, you can come and find me for lunch too! wakakakak!

  6. Congrats, darling! For taking a big heavy step to create your even more brighter and happier future! Hopefully i'll see a NEW you with zero complaint about HxM and busy telling me about your new job and achievement! :P

  7. Yeay!! Well done!
    Wishing u best of luck...
    Kalau u jumpa Kevin, kasi ketuk sama dia. hahhahah