Monday, December 12, 2011

:: Family Moment @ Teo Heng KTV ::

After the last Family Karaoke outing @ Neway, now it's time for another round of K'session with them. I bought 2 vouchers for this promotion from Groupon of Teo Heng KTV Studio, which is located at Sunway Giza. The promotion is RM29 for 4 persons, including 4 drinks and 1 tit-bits for 3hour K session. Sounds reasonable isn't? So I bought 2 sets, which means I could bring 8 persons with total RM59.

Sigh.... Eventhough it sounds so reasonable, like Rm59 for 8 person, but in actual, there are hidden charge de!! What hidden charge? If this coupon being used on Saturday, Public Holiday's Eve or Public Holiday need to pay surcharge of RM20. On top of that, if you planning to use 2 vouchers (like me), you need to upgrade the room to "medium" room at least, with additional surcharge of RM20 as well!! WTF...

On top of that, it's quite pack to fit 8 persons (adults) into their medium room. Their medium room is sibeh small and not comfortable to fit us. Doesn't mean all of us are that big, but normally we can move flexibly de. Sigh.. Anyway, already there and the expiry date if on 21.12.2011.

So I brought my parents, my 2 nephews, my youngest brother with his girlfriend and lastly my darling. :) We reach there around 12:30pm after our early lunch as there are NO FOOD to be provided with the voucher, and no set lunch as well. FTS...

I guess I won't be going there anytime soon since so many complains even before started to sing. LOLX!! Very demanding customer => ME! So, we started to sing from 12:30pm - 3:30pm..

Lalalalalala....lululuulululluul...lilililililililil....blalblalblballla... Some of us were busy selecting songs, some of us where busy singing, some (my dad) busy sleeping =.=""" and my nephews busy playing their SAMSUNG tablet. =.=""""""

I guess only me, mom, Boy and Vincent are taking turn to sing. Hahaha! Okla, not so many people in fighting for the mic. Nothing much to say about this Studio, but with one word SMALL. =.=" Maybe suitable for small size group 2-3 persons, but definitely NOT SUITABLE for big group, as I can see their large room CAN ONLY accomodate max 10-12 persons.

Let's cut the complain and crap short, and let's the picture do the talking. *lazy liao..*

#1 Teo heng Main entrance

#2 The Xmas Decoration

#3 my nephews and my brother

#4 My babe and I.. Busy camwhoring

#5 The mans in the house... The room also provide the instrument to play around during the K session.. hahah

#6 Be the background sound when mom is singing

#7 Selecting the songs...

#8 Wah!! Mom so bersemangat huh! LOLX

#9 Select! Pick ! Select!!

#10 These is what I mentioned.. Playing table and "sleeping" =.="

#11 They provide the touch screen de lehhh !

#12 Taking photo outside
#13 Drinks and foods brought by us..

#14 On the way back.. resting enjoying the Xmas feel downstairs

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