Saturday, December 10, 2011

My new family member

May, my 2nd sister has delivered her 2nd kids, a boy with the name "Ng Kheng Shi". Yuhuuu! Our family member getting bigger and bigger. My eldest sister going soon to deliver 3rd kids! Wow! I can't believe it, it's like in blink of eyes both of them already a mother of 2-3 kids! Hahahhaha! But I still remain non-married, having no baby! Lolx!

All relatives common question "When it's your turn ah, when getting married ah, when getting baby ah"... Wtf! And bad thing is, all my colleagues teasing me that I have the look of "Want to get marry = han ka"!! Wtf... *mirroring myself* and started to question "Am I?!?!?". Sigh... Just because my both sisters already become mother doesn't meant I also need de ma.... =_=

Anyway, back to the new family member.... I'm glad I will be having more nieces/nephews to play on! Lolx ... Treating them as toys! Hahahahahaha! Here below showing the cutie mutie nephew!

#1 he's cute right! Sibeh chubby!!!

#2 aiyo! Beh tahan Wana cubit his cheek!!! <

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