Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yuhuuuuu! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, finally I've made my mine to continue writing post in my oldddddddddddd blog... Hmmmmm ok not old but it's legacy... Lolx!

Sometime reading back those old posts really most of the time will make us laugh an cry... Especially reading back something that you've forgotten or never being kept in our brain memory or I should say current memory not enough capacity to store so much.

Work, friends, family, and alot of things which already past, becomes our memory. Some are good to be cherish some not good.. Anyway, doesn't mean those posts are not good when it meant to be emo post but by recalling how emo we were that time, will make us stronger now. Lolx! Sounds like so terror in analysis!

I've maintained another blog de but the title is "Our Love Story (", so since it's our (TSL) love story, can't write much about myself isn't? Like lain Macam de if I were to write there, expressing that i'm having constipation that day! Hahahaha!.. So where else I can express my feeling... Hmmmm, can't be shouting in the toilet or talking to the wall isn't... Hahahahha!

Ok back to my "Chung chut kong wu (Cantonese)" to blog world, I should open champagne and say "I'm back!" just like the closing dialogue always said by Robocop, Superman or Zorro! Lol!

Everyone said I'm talkative, "chi chi cha cha here and there", so I guess just because of that accuse I should stop "chi chi cha cha" there and "chi chi cha cha" here! Hahahaha! You guys can get my "chi chi cha cha" here or not? Lolx!

Without realizing or maybe forgotten that I've started my blog at year of 2006. Wow! That's so long ago isn't? 5 years ago at least. I remember I started to blog, then follows by Donna, then follows by June, then even my sisters Stephanie, May started to blog at the later time. But not sure why after end of 2010, everyone seems to slow down the pace in writing blog... Me myself stop writing it, then follows by Stephanie, then follows by May, then follows by June then lastly by Donna.

My blog basically contains everything about myself! Aiyo, blog title mentioned "My Life my Memories" ma! =_=.... I blogged about EVERYTHING, like really EVERYTHING, including the color of the shits that day I'm having! Lolx so funny! I remembered that day I'm having quite dark colored-shit, make me wondering whether I'm having internal sickness. Hahahaha!

I also blogged about the birth of my nieces, Nephews.. To see at their age now, they already grown very big Liao..... Not baby anymore....

I also blogged about my work... My ex-company, my new company.. From the first work after my diploma, degree, from Spansion to Faxcore, as I guess I've stopped there. 

Anyway after so much of "was", do much of "were", so much of "used to", do much of past tenses here... I guess we should move forward to document what going to happen in future!!!! ^_^

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