Saturday, May 01, 2010

:: True Friend::

#1 What is True Friend?

This is the question which keep playing in mind, just like a broken cd player, playing a scratched cd, repeating the same part until I decided to stop it. There is a discussion between me and friend on how do we know whether the friend we thought is a true friend to you is really the fact that they are true to you.

It sounds complicated but it's as easy as 1..2..3.. If she/he is your true friend, somehow how u will know it someday somewhere or vice versa.

Back to the definition of true friend, for me everyone is my true friend *ideal case*, but I know nothing is perfect. For me, true friend is someone or maybe a group of someone (if you're lucky enough) who will be there for you no matter you are sad, happy or neither feel sad or happy.

They will be there when you get promoted and you can't wait to tell them, when you have a secret that you can't revealed but to them, when you have a sudden feeling that you must let it out, when you feel emo and want someone to be there for you, just anytime anywhere.

But if you notice or experienced yourself, most of us will have limited number of true friend(s), 1....2.... Or maybe 3... For those who is unlucky, they might have null. Maybe you will think, it might be the person's attitude problem if he or she do not have any true friend. Maybe he/she too cocky, too talkative, too emotional, too demanding, etc etc etc. Or maybe he/she used to do something which you think offended you. Or maybe you hate your true friend prettier/ richer/ brilliant than you.

What do you see on the whiteboard in the picture above ? What's the first answer that came into your mind upon seeing the picture above?

Some of you or maybe most of you will answer "the iPhone and the magnet in the middle". Why can't the answer be "the white area on the whiteboard". It applies to how we see or analyse our friend. We will always tends to magnify the zoom to see at others weaknesses and black dots.

And sometime the one who we thought to be our true friend to us might backstab you silently behind your back. So are they your true friend?

#2 Can my partner be my best friend?

It's not easy to get a partner who can be our true friend. Maybe I yet to find one at the moment. Being us, human tends to be selfish or demanding or most of the time take things for granted.

We will always expect more from our partner no matter physically , mentally or financially. And some of us even lie to our partner with whatever reasons. A relationship with lies, can it be counted as true "friend"?

Yes, no one has the answer but yourself. Only you yourself determine who is your true friend who is not. But regardless they are your true or not, being a human we should at least not to take advantages for any relationship and be sincere in every relationship. Be true to everyone, so everyone will be your true friend.


  1. For someone who has gone both ends, the good and bad times, I could agree with you that true friends are those who stick by you through thick and thin. We will never be made to feel less adequate when the tough times seem to envelop us and neither will we be taken advantage of when we do good.

    Hope you are surrounded by true people. One is actually more than enough, if the person is the almost perfect friend. ^_^

  2. Gratitude: but have u been in doubt or confusion whether can u trust the one u think it's ur true friend? U might think he/she is ur true friend but in reality, they are the on who condeming u at ur back.. Have u?

  3. Seen your blog sometime somewhere but 'lost' the link and found it at Donna's as I was thinking about it lately. Friends we got aplenty but are they true? Probably Bananaz consider a handful would be good enough. As for spouse or children think should have that 'friend' mentality instead as husband/wife/parents. My 2 sen tQ.

  4. Read in one of the blog, on friends for a reason, season and lifetime