Friday, May 07, 2010

:: Hair Evolution ::

Mysterious source : "Any hairstyle on u looks chantik la... but dunno botak will look how? lol :p"

This is the comment I'd received upon uploading this photo to my facebook which actually make me digging back my old and antique photos of me to see what's my hairstyle trend up to date. Not knowing, actually I tried all types of hairstyle ranges from short, medium and long, left the only option which is bald!Never date to wonder or imagining how will I look like without hair, you know well..without a single hair strand on my head! I'm sure I will looks awful and Fugly, super Fugly~

Anyway, not going to try it anytime soon, because I will need alot of courage to do, and no point shaving my head when I have alot now. Unless, I have too such as the need to bald to do brain operation (choii!! touch wood!!), or when I got some head/scalp disease which force me to shave my head (choii!! I don't wish it too!). So, forget for any possibility in seeing me bald, and let's view my hair trend.

# Short

Cutie mutie me ~ me with bom hair =.="

This is me when I was 4-5 years old (I think), where I had the same hair style with my 2nd elder sister. Not sure why mom brought us to the same hairstylist and said "Kasi dia olang sama hair style! Itu BOM hair style!" . Aiyoma, there we goes with the same perm-hair which looks exactly the same like "fat choi". Hahahaha! But thanks to mom too, because of her decision to change our hairstyle, adding this hairstyle to my short hair profile.

Me during secondary school = short hair version me = fat version me

I used to have short-close-boy-cut hairstyle during my secondary school. Mainly because I'm an active sport-gal, joining alot of sports like volleyball, badminton, marathon and so on. Short hair is the easiest, where I managed to save alot of hair grooming time before every match or training. Not too bad which I think still manage to potray my girly-ness (not geliness!!!) out of my short hair. ^^


Let's move to medium hair, where I cut my hair shorter not too long ago (2-3 years back) when Victoria Beckham famous with her Posh-Bob hair style. You will see 7 out of 10 gals with this type of hairstyle (or similar) when you are out for leisure days in any shopping malls.

And I was one of them! hahahahahah! You know, need to keep ourself UPDATED to the trend ma! So there I went to get it~ But somehow, it doesn't last long because I have the wish to perm my hair.

I also try to curl it when the length reaching my shoulder. It's a temporary curl and I got the chance to see how do I looks like with medium curled hair. It's not nice on me, make my face rounder. So, killed my intetion to perm it permanently. The most, I will curl it for the fun of having temporary curl.

During chinese new year 2009


Lastly, after 2-3 years (which is very long to me especially me who own a bunch of hair which grows damn damn damn slow one!) of holding the willingness of power not to cut the hair manage to grow my hair longer than my shoulder! Yes!! Yes! *elaine jumping up and down* I can do more styling with my long hair, such as tie it up, curl it, straighten it and so on so on~

I guess I will keep my long hair for some time, before I have the courage to cut it short! :)

Looks good when they are straight too, but I rarely let down my hair as I had a frizzy hair.

I tried to curl it too~

My fresh from oven photo~ Up to date look


  1. Bald photo got bald one kot?

    Your face is easy to match with all kinds of hair style. I bet your hair stylist very happy to see you. Any style will sure ngum u

  2. You'd even make a pretty nun! hehe

    No complaints here! ;)

  3. eh.. long straight hair prettier leh

  4. Like the hairstyle in CNY 2009 and the curl 2nd last pix they're nice. Why don't you try some photo shop to have bald hair and see for yourself? Sometimes it might look good you never know. Like Demi Moore in GI Jane movie she looked smashing. haha. tQ

  5. hahahaa you remind me that i was a fat and short boy when i was in secondary school ><