Friday, May 07, 2010

:: 100 ways Say I Love You::

Just found some article on the net, on how to show your love to your family, spouse or friends (but mainly targeting to spouse la!). And thought to share it out, because most of is might not know in actual a very simple gesture does meant in showing the love to your loved one. We always tends forget and always takes things for granted.

Sharing is caring isn't? ^^

Everyone loves to be loved, and we all feel love differently. I feel loved when my husband helps out with the kids and the house or plans a getaway for just the two of us. Like most men, my husband likes to be shown love physically. Make a point this Valentine's Day to express your love for that special someone in a way that will make him or her feel treasured. Some of these ideas are romantic gestures while others are just little things you can do each day that will make a big difference to your companion. Whether you’re looking for date ideas or ways to show appreciation to your spouse, here are 100 ways to show your mate you care.

Ways To Say I Love You
•Recreate your first date
Cuddle on the couch
Hold hands while watching TV
•Surprise her by coming home early from work
•Take her shopping for the afternoon
•Sleep under the stars
Change the oil in her car
•Cook his favorite meal
Kiss hello
•Have professional portraits taken together
•Spend the entire day in bed
Send him a card for no reason
Carpool so you can spend more time together
•Have a date night every week
•Prepare a meal together
•Treat her to a pedicure
•Shovel her sidewalk after a snowstorm
•Plant a garden together
•Laugh at his jokes
•Warm his towel in the dryer while he’s in the shower
•Fall asleep touching
•Do a favor for his Mom
•Buy new underwear and put on a fashion show for your mate
•Dance the night away
•Sing in the shower together
•Tell him he’s sexy
•Tell her she’s sexy
•Say “I love you” everyday
•Buy her a sweet treat
•Make your relationship a top priority
•Do the dishes after she prepares the meal
•Hide a love note in his briefcase or lunchbox
•Show affection in public
•Massage his shoulders
•Go with him to his favorite sporting event
•Play a board game by candle light
•Sip hot cocoa by the fire
•Plan a romantic evening without the kids
•Make and eat chocolate covered strawberries together
•Help each other with household chores
•Call him at work just to say “I love you”
•Take the kids out for the morning and give her some alone time
•Rent his favorite movie
•Join a sports team together
•Throw a party for his birthday
•Share a bubble bath
•Write him a message on the steamy bathroom mirror
•Read a book together
•Wash her car
•Hug a lot
•Do a jigsaw puzzle together
•Make love at least once a week
•Exercise together
•Get married
•Have children
•Go on a picnic
•Plan your dream home together
•Watch your wedding video on your anniversary
•Vacation on the beach together
•Tell him you appreciate him
•Open the door for her
•Bake cookies together
•Ask her Dad for her hand in marriage
•Get to know her family
•Kiss for more than 10 seconds
•Serve her breakfast in bed
•Help with the laundry
•Make soup when she’s under the weather
•Record memorable occasions in a journal
•Start a collection together
•Go on a bike ride
•Read your wedding vows on your anniversary
•Plan a spa weekend for her and her best friend
•Kiss goodbye
•Leave a love note in his car
•Bite your tongue
•Take dance lessons together
•Play with your kids together
•Say “I love you” in a different language
•Send each other text messages throughout the day
•Decorate heart shaped cookies together
•Spend a day giving back to your community
•Wink to her from across a crowded room
•Blow kisses to each other
•Help her with a project she’s been wanting to complete
•Pay attention when he’s talking
•Take cooking lessons together
•Go hiking at sunset
•Write love letters
•Surprise him.
•Be each other’s best friends
•Return to your honeymoon hotel years later
•Offer her your arm
•Play with her hair
•Try something new together
•Pick up his shirts at the cleaners
•Run an errand for her
•Always respect each other
•Forgive each other
•Give each other a foot massage


  1. The list could go on forever ;)
    Being in love is great, right?!

  2. Ant : yes! The list will goes one...LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE L.O.V.e love!!!!!!!!! haahhahah