Monday, May 17, 2010

"Beauty starts from mask?"

How often you do mask in a week? Or do u you do mask at all? Do you believe the legend of the beauty using mask?

Personally I don't believe leh... But somehow since alot of gals also doing mask for the sake of doing it, so that's why I'm following the trend also. Ahahahahaha...

The mask can range from few bucks to dollars.. I tried cheap mask , tried expensive mask (ok I'm not that rich to test those really super duper expensive mask like skII mask. I'd tried peeling mask, tissue mask, hydrating mask, cooling mask, brightening mask, etc etc etc..

But yet to find one which is suitable or the one I like or the one works the best for me. And another weird thing is my face somehow will react differently to facial care. So make me even harder in choosing suitable product for my face... Argghhhhhhhh whatever la..

Back to mask, thanks to Tommy (my colleague) who just came back from Korea so thoughtful bought me 2pcs mask adbo brand, which only can be purchase from Korea. I guess he knew me being someone who so "vain pot"... =.="""

So I've decided to give it a try tonight. It smells good close to orange smell, as written on the packing "vitamin c".

Essential brightening mask, specially formulated for skin brightening and soothing.

All in Korean.... =.=

Me while enjoying the mask. So shiokkkkkkkkk...... Anyway, is it good if we can afford to do mask everyday? Can our skin adapt to daily hydrating? Some of the article even mentioned not good to regularly use hydrating mask as it's not good got skin. But I thought the more is better?

Ok, signing off now to concentrate enjoying my mask session...


  1. i bought some from watson.. cheap and nice.. cooling.. hehehe.. but helps or not, i really dont know.. :p

  2. i just have it once a month.

  3. Yes must have mask...twice a week

  4. when I use a mask pimple will break loose. So I never use one :P

  5. Face mask! yes its a 'must buy' for people who goes to Korea. Guess gotta be moderate according to individual skin texture. Enjoy your masking..tQ.

    Hi [ladyviral] you're back. Great! Your skin maybe sensitive to that mask or any mask. haha.

  6. i use mask whenever i feel dry. Well, try bodyshop Vitamin E, hydrating mask..