Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Must be extra careful...

Got this email from my boss which make me had a cold shivering after seeing the phots' roll.

It is about how 2 womens got trapped inside a lift together with an armed indian guy(or bangladesh), who tried to rob them. I guess they had such thoughts whereby "two is better than one", thus, two of them tried hard to fight with robber.

I can see how hard they tried to fight back to get back their belonging but sometime it's not worth to risk our life because of that. If to see from the last few pictures, there are blood drops on the floor which I assume the robber manage to slash them upon the attempts to grab back their belongings.

The robber even tried to hit then with the bag hoping they will give up in fighting back. I

They did tried but I guess the robber manage to escape with the belongings plus succesfully made few slashes or cuts using his weapon.

It is so dangerous nowadays regardless you're alone or not alone. No matter you're driving or walking, no matter it's early morning or dawn night.

The morale of the story please be aware all I mean ALL the time!!!!! Don't trust anyone, don't ever Judge a book from it's cover thinking this guy or that gal looks innocent.. Anyway, just put the self security guard to the max everytime you leave your house or office.

Let's pray for a peace world....


  1. Scary hor........ Must be careful......

  2. ya.. berani u work till so late lagi!

  3. Ano (June) : office no lift wo =.="""

  4. Gee there is so much fear nowadays. Think best not to resist it is not worth it as either one could get killed. Have a friend's brother got stabbed and killed after withdrawing money from ATM at night, just have to watch out with more awareness. tQ.

  5. bananaz : Huh? got killed? OMG.....I'm sorry to hear that..yes, we must be caution all the time.. Go bless you~