Thursday, April 29, 2010

:: Family day!! Yuhuuuuuuu! ::

Last minute plan for a family one-day trip to Sepang Bagan Lalang trip. Frankly, it's been one of my wish list to have family outing. I enjoyed the feeling of going for a short trip together with our loved one, parents, sisters, brothers, kiddos, nieces, nephews....and so on so on.

Date : 18th April 2010
Location : Bagan Lalang, Sepang

Then it's my time to fully utilize my camera to take as many photos as possible, so we can view it to mesmerize the moments we had last time. Ya ya..i'm quite family oriented person.. *shy shy* or just photo-maniac!! hahahah!

Back to the trip, we planned like 1-2 days before. A quick plan on what to cook, what to bring, where to go, who's going, and who's not going. Tood bad, Ng's family not being able to join because brother in law need to work, while my brother Kok Wai also not being able to join as his wife need to go back and see her sick dad. But due to not to dissapoint most of us, we decided to proceed with our plan regardless of imcomplete family members.

Mom and I started to plan what ingredients to buy to prepare the foods.Mom woke me up at 7am....Oh...that's so early!!! We went to pasar early morning grabbing our early breakfast somwhere nearby. I feel great to have breakfast with them, which I rarely do. *useless daughter*

We went to buy wet ingredients such as pork and vegetables to prepare sandwiches. The market nowadays is not as dirty as previous where you need to wet your "pak suit suit, wat luit luit" leg with dirty water from the market floor. The market nowadays being commercialize for the customer comfort. Phewwwww~!!! Luckily~

The BABI-LOU, selling BABI! ^^ Very yummy roasted pork

And the pork meat..

After that, we went to Giant to buy other ingredients such nuggets, drinks, bread, sardine, tuna, butter and so on so on. And I can tell you, the things nowadays are NOT CHEAP! we just simply pick and pay also need to fork out RM80++. There is one chinese proverb, "Eat Rice, but don't know what's the price for the rice". Hahahahah!

After preparing all the food for the whole morning, we get ready to depart from Shah Alam house around 1:30pm.

Sandwich : Checked
Nugget : Checked
Yummy Lap cheong Rice : Checked
Drinks : Checked
Sunglasses : Checked
SUNBOLCK : Checked
Jacket (if neccessary) : Checked
Camera (VERY IMPORTANT!!) : Checked
Nice hair do and make up : CHECKED! <-- this one very important to make sure nice ME in the photos! hahahah!

Getting ready --> Sepang HERE WE COME!!!

Me! How is it? Ok boh?
We reached Bagan Lalang around 4:00pm and the weather is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hot that day! Luckily I got bring SPF50 sunblock! Phewwwww!!!

So we set up everything once we reach there, "conquered" a nice and strategic spot to enjoy our late tea-time! It's really enjoying for laying on the beach and enjoy the weather, and have a chit-chat with your family. The kiddos brighten the days be seeing them playing around the beach! How good if all of can be there~ Anyway, I'm sure there will be a chance someday somehow.

THERE! THERE!! Our spot!!!!

Mom and dad with their fisherman hat!! so matching!

My turn my turn!!

Stephanie and her princess, Sandra....

Again, my turn! hahahahah~

Playing kite, one of our activity that day! The wind is so strong where we can easily fly-the kite up

Happy moment with Sandra....."she" looks cute isn't ? I mean she = me!! hhahah!

Sand moment~ Sandra......But the weather too hot!

Nuggets!! and hot dogs!!

Dried Meat Bread...

Sardine Sandwiches..

Lap Cheong Rice!
All of us enjoyed the moments in flying up the kite. almost everyone of us tried to fly the kite. And a funny momenty where Boy's kite having limited string as compare to Stephanie's one, and he felt so boh song and purposely went to the shop to buy RM10 string just to make sure his kite fly higher than the rest! and yes, his kite flied the highest for the day~ BRAVOOO! But he spent additional of RM10! *Sweat*

Gaduh Gaduhhh!!!!

Even Dad played with macho!!! Dad! I LOVE YOU!! hahahah!

Amanda tried to fly the kite too!

And another one, playing sand......

Touching moment,. where a mom and dad holding their daughter's hand and walk on the beach throughout the sunset.....
Last but not least, the group photo which is a must for every event!! Can't wait for anaother family gathering....

Promoting 100 pluss!

All of us!

Lee's family~
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  1. never like last minute thingy... but somehow we made it... and glad it turned out to be a great one.