Wednesday, April 28, 2010

:: Picture of the day ::

I'm a vegetarian today ( for lunch ONLY).
I guess I need to start the story from the moment I started to join FaxCore, having one colleague who used to be vegetarian every 1st and 15th of every month (of Chinese Lunar Calendar). Normally I will join him tapao'ing vegetarian lunch meal from one of the famous (famous with the crowds) vegetarian shop located nearby our office.

Normally i will opt for green vegetables and not on those flour-based-konon-looks-like meat dishes. Today I opt for 3 vegetable dishes. And wtf!! it cost me at Rm3.20 which I can eat "wan tan mee" by just adding another RM0.60. A meal with WAN TAN and CHA SIEW some more. Anyway, I do feel good after eating such a healthy meal every month. *dragging u aside* people said by consuming more vegetables can make people slimmer. Hahahahaha!

But the bad thing about this vegetarian meal is I don't feel full after the meal! Oh my gosh, now only I know I'm such a big eater.. Body size lime rat but eat like an elephant! What a good representation... Anyway, will get to eat vegetarian again after another 15 days...omitofu!! Aliluya! Opssssss... Aliluya is meant for Christian...:)


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  2. That one got har mai wor(brinjal) ..kira vegetarian also ah?

    Not dieting are you? You are slim enough jor :)