Friday, March 19, 2010

:: Hann & Jelisa Wedding 130310::

Recalling back,Serena is the latest one among 6 of us, who used to be active as a team representing school, district and state for volleyball. It was a story of 2 years back, drop by here to read more.

Now in blink of eyes (ok, maybe few trillions of eyes blinking), turn out to be Jelisa's turn to get married. Jelisa will be married to Hann, who also known as funny man! :p

This was the 1st me attending a wedding church, and I'm quite excited to be part of it, like I'm getting married pulak. Strange thing, the bride will overnight at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam and invite us to go early morning for photoshooting IN THE ROOM. =___="

And another problem is she requested for a theme color's clothes in APPLE GREEN or PINK. Wtf! Where the hell am I going to get an APPLE GREEN dress, so I decided to turn my wardrobe upside down to get a proper decent pink dress. I got one, but it looks abit old and yellowish, so I decided to go and get a new dress (ya ya...just a reason for me to shop for new cloth LOL!!). So I went to Jusco, went into each and every boutique and lastly Jusco as my last resources.

Finally, found the lacy pink dress from Orange which cost me around RM40++, can't remember the exact amount. If not mistaken it's Rm69.90 with 20% discount. Anyway, finally got my dress and I'm ready to go! YEAY!

So there we go and gather at the hotel early in the morning, while camwhore and photoshooting ourself. Mainly the bride yet to get ready with her makeup, hairdo and gown by the time we reach. So what to do, need to find something to do whie waiting.Ended with us keep on shooting shooting and camwhoring wherever and whenever!

#1 grooming the bride

#2 Preparing the hairdo

#3 the flower

#4 Make up set

her we go, started the camwhore process

Continue with the twins....Do the look alike? Your gues, who's is younger? ^^

Me with the PINK flower with PINK dress! Match giler!

Michelle's turn! Very matching too!

Now both of us.....jeng Jeng Jeng! Sui?!?

Our room 1515..must buy 4D lottery!

1 Pink and 2 apple green!

Pink ladies!!!

With the fully makeup kid.....Ur lipstick too red gal...LOL!

Lovely couple, Ken and Cheng

we even take photo with bride's father...But he sems so pai seh, standing straight like singing NEGARAKU!

I like this photo~ Green and pink! Nice isn't it?

Wan Fei and his gf

At lastttttttttttt...the bride is ready..faster catch her for a photo before she left...

Group photo with the APPLE?!?!? alamak~

Upon reaching the church, we immediately go and grab our place inside the church as the bride actually late fromt he actual schedule marching time. As I said, this is the 1st time, not that I know we need to sing along before the ceremony of ring exchange. And what make it worst is, it's Holy song. wtf! how the heck I'm going to know how to sing. What to do, ma just stand firmly, hold the lyric, look left and right! :p

Anyway, it's very touching moment seeing Jelisa being escorted into the church by her dad together with the usher's boy and girls, seeing how they exchange vows, how they exchange rings, and most importantly, the moment the groom kiss the bride! It's so sweet! Awwwwwwwwwwww~

So cute~

The church at Port klang

Mother and and green~ Matching with the color theme

The gals marching in~

The bride....

ALl standing to sing song~Luckily not singing negaraku

Exchanging vows

"You are pronounce as HUSNAD AND WIFE"!

Very nice color combination~

Me and my 2nd sister

Jeng Jeng Jeng....6300..another number to buy 4D lottery....pokai many numbers...

Group photo before laving

After finish with the morning session, it's time for attending their reception dinner which taken place at Oriental restaurant @ Jaya33. I carpool with Sook Mei and guess what, we were late and by the time I reach, the bride and groom already march in and be seated on the main table. hahahahahah! Anyway, still manage to get to taste the 1st dishes until the last one.

The environment is great, and what impressed me the most is their service. Keep changing plate every 1-2 dishes. Overall, nice and confy restaurant! Good pick Jelisa!

The choc...

Kit and me while waiting for the food...HUNGRYYYYYYYYYY

WAH!!! Yummylicious!

The red wine for the night..

Errrrrrrrr................soup? XXX soup??

The cream and sour fried fish

The couple tosting..

Happy family!! lol!

Here I would like wish Jelisa and Hann for a happy and healthy life as busband and wife! Congratulations!


  1. LOL...the bride's dad must be scared coz got two lenglui standing next to him. Scared you two kidnap him or what kakaka

    And Congratulation to Hann &Jelisa on their marriage...this Sunday my turn pulak attend wedding kakaka

  2. the room number is 1512... buy 1515 can kena or not? :P

    Waaaa so many pretty girls! No wonder bride's father shy hehehe.

  3. congrats to the bride & groom....think you look lovely as the bride's maid so when your your turn to bite the dust....

  4. Looks like there are more photos of you than the bride's...