Thursday, March 18, 2010

:: Happy St. Patrick's Day ::

You must be wondering what is St. Patrick Day?

I gave the same reaction with 3 dots of sweats on my forehead =.="" when I got to know there is such celebration which falls on March 17 every year. To make sure me not being the "frog under the tempurung", I went and googled about St. Patrick's Day here. I wonder will they have somekind like St. Elaine’s Day! Hahahahahah!

Muse @ Jaya 1, Petaling Jaya

Anyway, somehow to "celebrate" this day (or maybe just finding an excuse for a chilling party), few of my colleagues decided to drop by MUSE @ Jaya1 for chilling drink session. First time visiting MUSE and I think this place is a good place to chill, relax and enjoy our Wednesday night.

When I got into Muse, we walked towards the back of the restaurant, an area with comfy sofa where it was doused in generous amount of nice green ambient light. No wonder, they have started celebrating St Patrick’s Day! While waiting for the rest, I ordered full pint of Kilkenny. Guess what, they are having promotion of Buy 1 Free 1 promotion (up to 9pm, and we reach snd ordered 15 minutes before 9pm) whenever you buy full pint draught. Uhh lala….2 pints with the price of 1 pint! Yuhuuuuu~

Not only that, in conjunction with St. Patrick’s Day, Muse is one of the participating outlets for Guinness “Celebrate the Laughter Side of Life” where you can buy 4 glasses of 330ml Guinness Draught (perfect pint) for RM60 and they come with a plate of house special finger food. I guess we had 3-4 rounds of this package.

Promotion for the night

Thanks Guinness!

Muse currently has two choices to choose from: Cheesy Chicken Croquettes or Mushroom & Tomato Salsa Brochettes.

Mushroom & Tomato Salsa Brochettes

We did try on both finger food, but personally I prefer the mushroom than the cheesy chicken ball. The chicken ball is way too cheesy as you can feel your mouth filled with cheese in your everybite…Yuckkksss!

Most of us reached in full force around 930~945pm even though the earlier plan was to reach at 9pm.Danggg!! What a punctual one huh! ^^ Upon that we started to play poker drinking games. I learned a number of new drinking games that night, which ended me drinking most of them, mainly because I’m being too busybody pointing around.

There is one game where all of us must take turn to show some silly pose. But the golden rule added to the end of the game is where you are not allowed to POINT YOUR FINGER to anyone during the game, during the penalty, or anytime. If you do that, you must drink for violating the rule. WTF!

I guess its normal reaction when somebody failed to show the pose, you will point to that person reminding that he/she need to drink isn’t it? “You you you!! You must drink!” *finger pointing firmly!*

Blame me for being kind enough to be the one to remind people or so called busy-body busily pointing around, and ended up drinking around too. WTF! I swear to myself I won’t be the busy body one again next time! Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Since it was an unexpected trip, I did not being my camera! Goshhh~ So, no photo to be taken that night. But luckily Guinness St.Patrick’s Day Promotion entitled us to groom with Guinness St.Patrick’s hat, Giant glasses, fancy mask and vase for ONE Polaroid photo. So, now I know what is St. Patrick’s Day and guess I would be waiting for another St. Patrick’s Day next year! ^^

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. wow! look so fun!!!!!

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