Thursday, April 29, 2010

:: Testing blogging from iPhone at 3am? WTF!!! ::

Having insomnia last night, sleepless, rolling left and right on my bed until at least 4am. OMG!! I tried to close my eyes, I tried to rest my mind, I tried to play the music, I tried read iPhone ebooks, I tried count sheeps in my brain (ya ya, I know quite lame! and definitely useless for an adult)...Just can't rest in peace....Choiii!!R.I.P pulak~ I'm still alive.. I mean "sleep in peace"..

Ended up I tried alot of iPhone application just to keep me entertain for at least few hours. For your information, I got my dream phone iPhone 16GB 3GS not long ago, I think last month. I've been playing it for a month, and yet still alot of applications I yet to try.

iPhone really an entertaining gadget, as the applications range from books, utility, games to medical applications. So you will have ample of applications to try on, regardless those apps really useful or not. If you don't like, just delete it. The disadvantage is it's quite wasting time, as some of the apps consume alot of time for you to download. So depends on your luck whether you being able to test good apps or not.

I might be writing a post which share the apps which I've tried, and I think it's worth for other iPhone owner to download as well. But bear in mind, my iPhone is jailbreak iPhone. You might need to purchase it in iTunes Application store, for those who are using non-jailbreak iPhone.

*Testing uploading pictures from my iPhone ^^* the quality not bad...and it's quite fast too! Faster than uploading one-by-one using Blogger Photo loader. What do you think? Nice? *hehehehheh*

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  1. oo i phone can use for ebooks ah? I didnt know. Maybe will check out the DIGI iphone package :)