Wednesday, September 10, 2008

:.. Victoria Beckham new hair do ..:

Victoria new hair do

Victoria Beckham (a.k.a Posh) changed her hair do. Her "boob" hair do has been world trend for some time, and i wonder what change her mind to have a new style. Personally, i don't really like her new look, as it looks too boyish for her fashionable and trendy style. She must looks elegant to become fashion icon. But different people will have different opinion on her new hair look. But still again, i loves her former looks (similar to my style now)..hahahahhah...Yalo, Posh following my style! *shame*shame*

I have been following her style and stories from here closely, updating myself with her latest style and latest fashion updates. Her skinny figure make her look nice in everything, especially slim & tight long dress. I wonder when i can be as skinny (or slim i shoudl say) as her, so i can wear anything that she wear. hahahahah~~

I know its not the same, but similar pattern ok! *wink*wink* - Who looks better now? -_-"

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