Friday, September 26, 2008

..: The STAR METRO made a mistake ..:

NEWSPAPER, its a part of an education, its a part of a MUST material to help readers improve their knowledge. Even though i rarely read or *touch* newspaper, but i know some people cannot live without newspaper. Some of them read it in early morning, some of them read it during night, and some onf them don't read it at all *like me*.... However, no question about how important a newspaper in our daily life.

I try search google, defining what is "newspaper", and there are multiple definition that i found on the net.

"A newspaper is a printed periodical whose purpose is to deliver news and other information in an up-to-date, factual manner" -

"A publication, usually issued daily or weekly, containing current news, editorials, feature articles, and usually advertising." -

It explain how important a newspaper in delivering information to us! BUT BUT......i can't imagine how a newspaper/editor/writer made such a mistake in delivering information to everyone in Malaysia, ranging from small kids, teenagers, youngsters, old folks, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc....

METRO paper dated on 26th September 2008

Can u spot the MISTAKES made by METRO?

YES! You'r right! "HAIR RAYA???"....The hair on raya, or the hair will be used during raya, or the raya will need hair or new slang representing HARI RAYA?? Hahahahah~~

It's funny to see this, especially as the front page for the middle section *can consider main page also la*. Kids at home please do not attempt to use this word in your daily routine, as this ONLY for displaying purpose.

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