Monday, August 25, 2008

:.. One Night in Bangkok ..:

24th August 2008 ~ 29th August 2008, the week where I will be at BANGKOK for Wafer Map training. I departed at 9:10pm (Malaysia time) and reach at Bangkok airport at 10:10pm. You must be wondering why it only takes 1 hours ride, hahah~ Actually it took us 2 hours, as Bangkok time is one hour earlier as compare to Malaysia time. So we reached at 11:10pm (Malaysia time).

Charusen, Nutthakitta (a.k.a) as Kae fetch us from airport, and drive us to the "unhaunted" hotel (Dusit Thani). Again, you must be wondering why i mentioned unhaunted, let me tell you a story. Its began when Kung Hui Juin ( a collegue from Spansion) saying KL Wafer Map team will be staying in other hotel (CourtXXXX MarriXXt - censored to prevent from being sued by this hotel), and unfortunately some "bad" things experienced by KL collegues who used to stay there for their last training. There are some non-serious and serious cases, which make my "bulu roma" stands up. Non-serious - "something knocking the door", serious - "something jumping on the bed". OMG!!! I'll be staying in that hotel??? Can't be what..!!!

But Thank GOD! We had successfully influenced other collgues to change the hotel to Dusit Thani. :) And here i am in a safe hotel for 5 nights. Don't waste time, let's continue with my journey..Once we dropped our luggage, and checked-in, we move out butt immediately to "Jatuchak Market", a place famous with cheap stuffs. It'a also famous with a place that pack of peoples and bargain. So for the shopping purpose, i had prepare a guideline, wishing to get the lowest price as possible.

The Thailand-English Dictionary that i brought

Kae and Namfon guide us around, helping us to bargain for the best price, being the translator for us. Hahahah~ And here it goes, with the items i managed to grab. Some of it from Jatuchak Market, and some of them from Robinson Bangkok.

Door boards for my new house (Sweet Room & Toilet)

Triupmh Panties average RM10 per piece

Bangkok, Thailand Coke

Working Bag

Hippo Flip-Flop Sandal

Bangkok Style pant-requested by Stephanie

Leather-like purse

Semi-Transparent Bag from MBK

199 THB top from MBK Plaza

After our shopping day, it's time to work, means it's time to spend time on training already. The training started Tuesday, and will ended coming Friday. This is the first time to Bangkok, as a "spansioner", first time attending training with Hui Juin, first time meeting friendly Bangkok spansioners, first time staying alone in Bangkok hotel (after Hui Juin leaving on Wednesday), first time being far family for so long, etc etc etc.....

But one thing for sure, "they" Bangkok spansioners are very friendly, as they filled our nights in Bangkok with leisure and pleasure. They brought us to Catuchak market, PatPong Market, Suan Lum Night Bazzar, famous MBK Plaza, and treat us for lunch and dinner. Personally thanks to BIG, BOYD, KAE, YOM and Namfon. You guys are the best!! We manage to catch our special moments. Let's the picture talks....

With Hui Juin on her last day in Bangkok

In front of the hotel lobby, waiting for taxi

Namfon ~ Hui Juin ~ Elaine ~ Kae

FiRE Training room

I'm reserved for "Wafer Map"

See Lim Ai Lin- From Spansion Penang

Boyd ~ Hui Juin ~ Elaine --> Waiting for our dinner

All of us, gals waiting for our delicious food

Pat Pong (also known as Tiger Road) Night Market

Suan Lum Night Bazzaar


  1. wakakakaka...Jatuchak Market....Chatuchak la.
    aik? so few things meh u bought that day...thought u stop & buy at every single shop that u passed by.
    Iskk...u not yet check out u dare to ber-story bout the "invisible friends" huh...geliii

  2. it's JJ market la... what the..
    wei.. i damn jeles with ur panties displayed..................

    and how come my pic is in ur blog WITHOUT permission!??

  3. Hahahahahha~ The picture has not copyright ok! Or i should say, its copyright to me! To my camera! Hahahaha~~

  4. famous overnite in ~ EVERYONE'S READING IT wo..

    dont' play-play!!!

  5. Mei Yi....because no one rading it la, need to put "Everyone's reading it!" Heheheheh~~