Friday, August 08, 2008

:.. Me! Me! It's Me! ..:

Promotional CBT Poster

That girl with black-white dress girl looks so familiar...Hmmmm...Arrrr....Ooopsss.. It's me! *whuhuhuhu*. This is Spansion's CBT (computer-based-training) promotional brochure that used to attract employees to join any computer-based trainings as planned by the company.

Fortunately-unfortunately i was choosen to be one of the "model" in this poster. I was asked to show below expression ;

--> Happy while surfing
--> Excited while surfing
--> Enjoying while surfing
--> Show how i LOVE ♥ surfing
--> Show how i LOVE ♥ computer
--> Show how i fall in love ♥ with computer

I took few takes before the photographer (trainer from HR) satisfied with the collection of photos taken. I was so suprised when it got published on the notice board, and being circulated to every staffs/employees in Spansion. I was so pai-seh, as i did not realizing how "wat-tat = ugly" i look in it. They did not touch-up the photo at all. I look so fat, look so dull, look so *acting*. Grrrr~~~

However, it's my first *model* collection. Hahahah ..*konon*

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