Thursday, October 05, 2006

..: News spread through MOUTH ..:

Viral Communication is a very dangerous weapon, to spoil one person's reputation.
I'm experienced it now.

The story has been spread till an ridiculous extend where the story was directly out of line.

1. I sent 12-13 emails to complain
2. The factor of the story begin when i was not happy with the marks given, which i think cause by the prejudice among the lecturers.

Thats ridiculous! Whats story is that? Why "THAT" fucker spread the story till that extend? He got nothing to do but use his SMELLY mouth to make up those story? This is getting terrible!!

Vote time?
1. Should i stand out and scold that FUCKER, "Please keep your smelly mouth shut!, This things have no relation with you at all! Mind with your own business!Go and mind your parent's business!"

2. Keep quiet, and let him keep on spreading something is not the real thing (which is called as FITNAH!), and as long as GOD know i'm not doing the wrong things, i don't care!

Please vote to decide my life onwards! Thank you.

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